Sunday, August 01, 2010

On The Road!

I've been meaning to post for a few days but the last few have just been a blur. The day I moved out of my house I moved into my best friend Len's house for a few days, I could have stayed there a few weeks! They made me feel right at home, and the bed was just sooo cozy. I am gonna really miss getting to see her and her husband Greg whenever I please. Their son got married on the 31st so I decided to stay just long enough to see that and then hit the road today. The wedding was really fun but between it being my last few days in Alaska to get everything done and them preparing for their sons big wedding, it was really hectic and we really only saw flashes of each other during my stay with them, lol! I think we are all breathing a big sigh of relief now that the chaotic part of the last few weeks are over. She and I got a picture taken together, I'll have to post when I get it.

Dad and I hit the Elmendorf Air-force Base Air Show (Arctic Thunder) on the 31st before the wedding. It was just amazing seeing all the things the base had organized for the crowds to see. They even had some type of fighter jet that will hover and spin around like a helicopter! That was really a strange site to see. Anyway we all had so much fun, and it was a perfect way to get together with dad before we leave state.

Big J, my 3 yr old has had such a hard time since we moved out of our home. He has hardly slept at all and is really worried I'm gonna leave him. I keep reassuring him that I will Never leave him but he is still really having troubles, I don't know maybe he's heard that to many times before, it's hard to say. His Reactive Attachment Disorder side is really running strong with all that's happening and the lack of sleep is only making it worse, lol. He is very obsessive about things being in order, looking just right, and staying clean - but when we walked into the reception hall for the wedding last night he reached out and put his whole hand in the cake frosting.
I. was.. Mort.i.fied.
I knew he had done it on purpose and was just so shocked. It isn't like him at all to do something like that but because of the lack of sleep and the lack of home, it just triggered that R.A.D. side of him. Since it was our last night in town I knew I had to just stick it out and stay, so I sat down, put him in my lap and put a light blanket over his head and told him to get some rest, which slowed him down and allowed me to visit and get some goodbyes in. Before we left at the end of the evening, I left his brother and him in the car for a few minutes while I said goodbye to a friend, I was only standing 5 feet from the Suburban but when I got back in the car he was stressed and said "I thought you left me mommy!" It just breaks my heart that after two years he's still worried he's gonna get left somewhere else. We don't even talk about foster care or the many homes he was in, when in front of him, I would have thought he'd have forgotten it all by now but he hasn't.

This move of ours will be so good for him, he will learn that places, homes, possessions change all the time but he will always have us, and he will always have God, and that's who he needs to count on!

(I had to do a u-turn in the highway to get this shot - a moose just munching on the grass growing up from the bottom of the lake)

Anyway today the kids and I drove from Anchorage, Alaska to Beaver Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada (about 430 miles). The drive was BEAUTIFUL. During the drive past the Matanuska Glacier and the hour before and after I just kept thinking, "This is Gods country!" I wish I would have stopped for pictures but I had already stopped with the little ones several times, was also trying to get through to the other side of the boarder AND was running late, I just decided to snap pictures through the windshield.... which didn't work out so great, haha. I googled pictures to show you how it all looked and found this website has some great pictures of everything we drove by. The photos above and below are shots I took along the way. My flickr page has a few more.

Tok, Alaska
This is where the boys and I had dinner tonight, lol. Don't worry, none of us had any booze, just corndogs and chicken. They absolutely LOVED the horse, which is what prompted the stop.

Tomorrow we're headed for Whitehorse!


Antoinette said...

Kiana that is so funny, I love that drive. Have a safe and fun trip

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the boys with their fireman hats walking with your Dad. Bet they loved the airplanes! Hope the trip continues to go great. Miss you! Len

...and yeah, I probably have a Google account but can't remember the password right now! ha