Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baby Fun

It's been a while again. Time seems to be getting away from me a lot lately.

I've been watching the cutest little 9 month old little girl for the last few days. She belongs to a foster family from our church. They have one other foster child who had to see a medical specialist in Seattle so I was the lucky gal who got to babysit the sweet girl for 3 days. They get back from Seattle tonight, so other than nap times, I'm sucking up as much baby fun as I can.

It's funny, we've been thinking for a while now about becoming a foster family. When I told our friend she asked if we'd like to have a test run. haha I'm so glad I did it!!

The only thing I really need to work on is keeping up with the messes I'VE created while she's been here. There mostly cleaned up now but let me just say.... YIKES! Instead of traveling with one set, I've had toys, blankets, binkies, and burp-up-rags scattered between 3 rooms since Monday.