Wednesday, December 24, 2008

1st Crawl

The baby picked today to crawl. He only took three steps/crawls and that was it, but it was still his first time. It was so cute.

Ok, had to blog about it, now I'm off to make crab artichoke dip.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kids Christmas Crafts

This year we did an awesome craft with the kids and invited others from church to join us, it turned out so cute, and everyone else loved doing it as much as we did. I just had to share...

Paint your kids palm and fingers white. Carefully have them hold an ornament ball from the bottom to create the five snowmen. Use a paint marker to make hats, faces, and scarves. Attach a tag with this poem:

These aren't just five snowmen
as anyone can see;
I made them with my hand,
which is a part of me.
Each year when we trim the tree
we’ll look back and recall,
Christmas of 2008
when my hand was just this small.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yes it sure has been fun the last few days...

We discovered our "pre-lit" tree (of 5 years) is no longer lit. Which is a bummer because it's so full and perfect and I didn't wanna mess with getting a new tree. Marty suggested we just buy lights and add onto it but I didn't want all those extra lights on it that weren't lit. So we went tree shopping and found all the tree's available didn't look full at all, but very see through. Just reminds me of a more glorified Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Ug

So last night we spent 2 hours with some wire cutters and stripped our tree of it's old lights and the top layers of our finger tips. What a pain, but the deed is done and I feel better not having wasted a perfectly good tree because it's lights are dead.


Christmas presents got a tad out of control. Or so it feels. Some are just for us to have as a foster home but I wrapped up for the kids to open. By the time they return to their mom, those things won't be age appropriate anyway. So I guess when I just count the things they will take home, they did very well but not over done. It just seems like a lot when you see them all together.

Anyway with that thought in mind I read the neatest thing on a forum the other day that I plan on going with in the future. I LOVE the idea and think to many presents just makes kids appreciate them less. The comment was...

I have a friend with 4 girls. She does 3 gifts each and then one family gift.
The three gifts are
1)For the body (clothes)
2)For the soul (a Christian book, new Bible or Bible storybook)
3)For the spirit (this is the TOY!)
Really limits the amount of toys and the mom can get them stuff they NEED.

I may change this up a small bit who knows, but I really like this idea. Thought I'd share it.