Saturday, January 28, 2006

Crash in Ketchikan

So my brother's working in the shipyard down in Ketchikan. Wednesday he called and said he heard a jet unusually loud overhead and looked up. Just after he spotted the jet, he actually saw someone eject out of a fighter jet, the parachute never fully opened though because the pilot ejected to late. The jet crash landed into a trailer at a trailer park about 200 yards away from where Ian was working. Ian ran over to see if he could help and eventually ended up pointing the direction of the pilots location out for them. Unfortunately the pilot didn't make it. Amazingly enough nobody was killed in the trailer court and nobody was inside the trailer the jet actually ran into, I guess there were only minor injuries. I am just stunned that this happened and even more stunned that Ian actually witnessed it all.

Sitnews has a sad account on the story and some good pictures of the crash site.
KTUU has a story giving a better idea on the cause.

I guess the pilot sacrificed himself to steer the jet away from even more populated area's. It sounds like if he would have landed anywhere else in the vicinity it would have been much worse. My heart goes out to his wife and children.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cross Contamination

Ok this is serious...

1. People towels and dog towels are washed separately.
2. People towels/clothes and cleaning rags are DEFINITELY suppose to be washed separately.
(People towels that are washed with dog or cleaning rags become dog or cleaning rags. This can become expensive when these two rules are ignored)
3. Rags are washed after all the clothes are done, after the rags come the dog towels. This way cleaning rag juices that aren't killed with bleach get on dog towels instead of MY clothes.

Ok so your getting the idea right?

Well this isn't the only way this whole cross contamination idea can be applied. In our house we have 2 sponges, sounds simple right? One is for washing dishes that can't go in the dishwasher, the other is for cleaning the chickens eggs. Let me just take this moment to remind you that eggs are not the only thing that come from the back end of a chicken and their eggs MUST be washed. So yeah, I keep the dish washing sponge up so it isn't used for cleaning eggs or counters, it can *only* wash dishes (because you know, some of the things it washes goes in your mouth). The chicken sponge is usually left at the sink ready for the eggs. I am obsessive about warning anyone who may use a sponge which is which, you think they would listen. I don't let guest's do dishes but roommates are another story, haha. Back when we lived in Homer and had 2 roomies I warned those two OVER and Over about all this, because I just knew it was bound to happen. One afternoon just after they moved in I go up and one of them had done all the dishes, (it was really sweet and an unbelievable pile that day) being that it wasn't me or Marty who washed them I just had to ask....

me: You used the dish sponge right?
him: ummmmm....
me: you didn't use the chicken sponge right??
him: ummmmm..... (looking a bit worried)
me: haha, which one did you use?
him: ummmmm...... that one...
me: yikes.
him: oh...
me: I'm gonna wash all those dishes again, with a LOT of bleach
him: ok I'll help
**Never happened again after that, I can say for sure. LOL**

This whole cross contamination idea is another great reason for shower/hand soap in a squeeze bottle for guests. Ya know, because who wants to use the same bar of soap as the last guy, you never know where its been or what he may have touched before washing his hands.

My apologies to anyone who didn't share these peeves until now but I'm just wondering if any of you have your own cross contamination peeve? I may not have enough, lol.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


So I found some pretty odd housing all by accident yesterday. I may post the others later.

One of those "houses" is called a "futuro". I guess there were 100 of them made back in the 60's. Just the look of them makes me want to spend a weekend getaway in one with Marty. Anyway the pictures were so neat I just had to share.

it closes up and locks to look like a real pod. Haha

This is the living room, I think they were originally suppose to look like this though...

The hole reason this got started was to build an after skiing cabin that was easy to put together and kept heat well. The seats you see convert into single beds and I think the futuro's were originally suppose to be able sleep around 8 people. 2 in the double bed and the rest in the living room.

There was also suppose to be a fireplace/grill in the middle of the living room.

Living room/ Dinning room

Kitchenette with oven. But check out the TV, that thing looks like an alien itself!

The center is the door in and out, the left is the bedroom and the right is the bathroom.

Tight space in the pody room, but it comes with a view! Just what I've always wanted in a bathroom.

Master Suite.

Looking out the master suite.

Isn't it neat?? Most of these photo's came from this site. He owns his own futuro and has the best photo's I could find. He has a ton of other info and links if your interested.


And now, I must DRAG myself to the gym. I wish I was one of those odd people who live for a workout. Maybe then it would be fun. Gotta keep trying though, maybe one day I'll get there.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

1964 Earthquake

Trying to find something else this afternoon I some how stumbled onto these pictures. I love seeing old pictures.

Aerial view of spit at Homer, Alaska after March 27, 1964 earthquake. Photo taken just after the earthquake, the Spit is still flooded. Further info on this photo.

Aerial view of spit in Homer, Alaska with dock and boat basin built after damage from March 27, 1964 earthquake. This photo was taken March 1965, one year after the earthquake. Further info on this photo.

Current partial view of the spit. Amazing how different it is from back then. Harbor entrance different, harbor shape different, deep water docks not there yet, no lakes now, and where was the road?

The rest of the photo's below were taken from the Pratt Museum's website. These below were small and unfortunately can't be enlarged.

Pretty sure this is the back of South Central Radar off Fish Dock Rd. (next to the fish docks and cannery offices). This is now all fenced off with ton of junk blocking this very view of the same building. The main spit road is just about where that car is floating I think.

Believe it or not, this is Lands End Resort (ocean side). Boats aren't suppose to be that close, and man does it look different now. I swear that boat looks a lot like an old boat that was stuck in mud bay for years when I was a kid, anyone remember that boat?

The Salty Dawg Saloon looking a bit soggy, before the light house (I thought the two were always together).

What is now Petro Marine Storage tanks.