Friday, July 22, 2005


I mowed the lawn yesterday, it was tuff. Just after I started I noticed something leap outa the way so I shut down the mower and hollered at Marty to come see. Just a baby tree frog, very small as you can see. He fit on the tip of Marty's finger. So we set him down in a safe place and I started mowing again only to find there are little tree frogs everywhere. I kept having to shut the mower down and bring them over to the already mowed part of the lawn. Bossco was just itchin to find them on his own, fortunately for the frogs their so small and blend in so well he didn't have a chance.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Thursday Night Entertainment on the Farm

I went out to the chicken coop last night to get the eggs and saw a ton of shrews out there. They weren't even trying to hide from me. The chickens eat a small portion of their food and the shrews are eating everything else. There are now cities of shrews that live around/in the chicken coop. I'm thinking I don't have a cat for no reason, just what is he doing in all that spare time of his?? I went and brought him in, once he saw all the little critters he was all over it - it was entertaining. I was just in there for a few minutes watching the cat and Bossco was just crying the whole time, so I let him in and made him sit. He really wanted to help kitty but he's to big and slow. I couldn't believe it but he sat in the same place for about a half hour, only thing that moved was his head. If only you could have seen it.

At the Lake

Ok Ok, I know I emailed some of you pictures of the same thing last summer but I went to the lake tonight to let boss go swimming for a bit and saw the snowmachiner again. I don't know if its the same guy or different from the guy I took pictures of last summer but I do know its a different snowmachine. I promised somebody I'd post it.
For the rest of you who haven't seen this....
Even though jet ski's are the preferred method, you can use a snowmachine to go out on the water. As long as you don't stop it will go everywhere a jetski will. The two snowmachines I've seen, both had buoy's tied to them - that way if it stalls and sinks there's a buoy floating on the surface so they can find it again. The guy last summer said all you have to do is drain all the water out if does sink and its good to go. I was so shocked when I saw this for the first time last summer, it still blows me away.