Saturday, August 28, 2010

Car Show in Lewiston

Well it just doesn't get more exciting than this.

Yesterday evening we were just hanging out here at the hotel room in Clarkston when I hear a ton of loud vehicles pull in. I look out and see some beautiful classic cars had just pulled in. First a perfect looking Chevelle, then some pretty gray and black chargers, then some dusters (I think), then in pulls a beautiful orange dodge charger. Normally I'm a Chevy gal, but I was wowed, it looked just like the General Lee from the Dukes of hazard, only without any decals, just a plain but beautifully shiny orange. I was thinking wow - I'm at the cheapest motel in town, what are all these cars doing here?? They were all cars I could do my hair & make-up in front of in the morning - I can see my reflection perfectly in each paint job. As if they were brand new. Of course I had to grab my camera, and when I came back out, you'll never believe who showed up...

None other than the General himself.

No kidding...

The General Lee is staying at the motel 6 with us. And no it's not a fake, it's the real thing, from the real TV show.


I am just Giddy!

I grew up watching the Dukes of Hazard. I think I was around 5 or 6 years old when I fell in love with that car and Bo Duke. Never would I have thought I would get to have a 2 night sleep over with the General Lee! The 6 year old in me is just dying to go out into the parking lot tonight and hug that car and tell it how cool it is. Too bad the owners of all of those cars frown on people touching them, lol.

So anyway, maybe I should get back to being an adult...

I got to talking with a couple of these folks and found out there was a car show today. The kids and I went downtown and walked around and saw some of the neatest cars.

Don't they just look yummy all lined up in a row like that?

And as we're walking around I actually HEAR the General Lee's horn from a block away, it was like a wonderful version of the pied piper calling all of its fans to come pay it a visit. Just the sound of that horn had about a dozen strangers in the crowd instantly smiling, turning our steps to it's call. It was just so neat and funny all at the same time.

Matching Chevy Camaro's about 40 years apart in age.

And here's another favorite. This is almost identical to the car my grampa owned when I was a little girl. Anytime we flew down to Indiana and visited my grandparents, they would loan us their Pontiac. It was the same color and everything, only theirs didn't shine like this one does.

Anyway I better get to bed. We plan on getting up and visiting the Lewiston Church of Christ in the morning, I'm really looking forward to going.

Sweet dreams!

Friday, August 27, 2010

More In The Middles

Continuing on our way to Clarkston, another little town in the middle of our journey was Dayton, Washington.

Just on the outskirts of town we saw this amazing view. A farmer with an bit of creativity? Or a liking for clean lines between the grain and barley field? Either way, it put a smile on my face.

Cute little store fronts, and some amazing historic buildings...

I think this was the county courthouse? It just seems to command respect doesn't it?

This is the historic train depot. It's so quaint, I could just look at it for ages. It had me really curious so I went and found a bit more into online. The website said,
The Dayton historic depot is the oldest surviving train depot in the state. It was originally built in 1881 and designed in the Stick/Eastlake style. It has been beautifully restored and is now a museum. Revolving exhibits are featured in the upstairs gallery.
Another building I WISH I would have gone inside for! Who'd have thought all the coolest buildings in town give tours?

This was one of the last little houses I saw before leaving town. It just makes a pretty picture doesn't it?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Inbetweens

I left Dana's house on Tuesday the 24th and had an awesome drive over here to Clarkston, Washington.

This is the little town of Waitsburg...

Waitsburg was a really quaint, small little town hedged with grain fields and loads of charm.

Definitely had a vintage/Mayberry feel to it.

This is the Bruce Memorial Museum. I believe the house is an "American Foursquare".
A restored mansion built in 1883 by W.P. and Carolyn Bruce. The eight-room house has been completely furnished with period pieces. It is open by appointment and Friday & Saturday afternoons from 1-4. No admission charge.

318 Main Street if your in the area. If I'm able to, I may drive over tomorrow for a tour, what an awesome looking place. I'm always itchin to look around in houses like these so I'm really hoping I can run over there tomorrow.

A Craftsman Bungalow style of home, I know it's much more simple but there's just a certain charm about them I really like. Too bad I can't get a tour of one of these homes... Maybe I'll have to pose as a home buyer the next time I see a for sale sign in the yard of one of these houses.

Not sure there would be much to stay the night for in Waitsburg, but definitely a great place to stop and stretch my legs!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pasco, Washington

I've been in the Richland area the past few days staying with a friend in Pasco, Washington. It's very strange down here, it's almost like a desert.... In Washington. --???--


I keep wondering when I might see a tumbleweed roll by, and my friend Dana assures me if I'd like to take a short drive with her, we could go see some, lol. She has a beautiful green, lush lawn, as do all the houses and businesses around here but other than that it's all dry and dead on the hillsides. Definitely not how I pictured any part of Washington.

The weather has been good and the boys (dog included) have all really enjoyed playing in the sun, sand, and water in Dana's back yard. It's really been a retreat from hotels and life on the road with out a home.

I have really loved being here for much different reasons. Dana has a beautiful girl who, like my son BJ, also has reactive attachment disorder.

When she heard we were coming she called another friend of hers who also parents a child with RAD so we could all meet up and visit. It is so amazing coming from a world where so many questioned why I parent the way I parent, to this weekend... A glimpse into two other families lives who parent almost identically to the way I parent. Who's kids although YEARS apart in ages, say things, do things and react on the same basic level as my BJ does. Both are families, who have also done the research, who have the council of a regular therapist, and are not crazy in the way they parent!

I have never spent time living with another family who deals with RAD, and I have never spent time around another child with RAD. Since we've moved in for the weekend I have heard her mother say many of the things I say, and do many of the things I do (things that are recommended and necessary!) - And much of it is the stuff that other adults who don't have experience with RAD have really had a hard time understanding about our family. It's just so good to See and know that other parents who are loving, kind, educated and doing the best for their children with RAD are doing what we do. It's good to not be alone.

I am telling you I would LOVE to pack Dana and her daughter up and take them with me, they are so wonderful. But there is a down side of having 2 with RAD under the same roof, so I guess I'll have to settle for visits here and there when we can.

I'd love to tell you more but I'm getting super tired. Tomorrow I leave for Clarkston, Washington where we'll stay until Marty flies in to meet us. I cannot wait to see him.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leavenworth, Washington

Today I went through Leavenworth, wow, what a cool little town! It has a Bavarian theme through all of town in all of it's buildings. Even the McDonald's has a Bavarian theme!

The temperature was in the 90's again so I didn't get to go into the shops because we had Pete with us, but the walk through town was awesome. There's even a little river a block away from town we got to go walk down to, and dip our feet into, as Pete dunked himself. It was so funny too because a few shops had water placed out on the street for pets, which Pete took full advantage of. This is definitely a town I'd like to come back to and spend a day in.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lynnwood & Seattle, Washington

A couple waiting to get married in Seattle today.

We're staying with my best friend from high school for a few days. She lives in Lynnwood, which is just a little over 10 miles outside of Seattle. It's so great to see her again and hang out.

Jill and her family piled into their car and we piled into ours and hit the town running today. We walked all over Seattle and had a lot of fun.

The first place they took us was to a bridge in Fremont that had a troll under it. It was huge! The VW Bug in his hand is life sized, and his eye is a hubcap. I keep wondering if there were any billy goats up on that bridge, lol. The kids climbed up all around that cement troll, we all took lots of pictures and were off to the next spot.

We walked an old historic neighborhood, and went to the Pacific Science Center near the Space Needle. The kids LOVED the science center, it was completely setup for them. A butterfly room, water features, fun and interactive things for them to play with, it was worth the visit.

I have to add in that Jill's family is just amazing. The thing I keep noticing is how much her girls enjoy each other. When they go somewhere in the car one of them sits in the middle so they can giggle and tell secrets, they love hanging out together drawing and doing other fun things, and the older one didn't mind one bit giving up her room for us to stay in and bunk in with her little sister.

I am taking notes. This is exactly what I want for my boys, to have a best friend in each other.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

La Conner, Washington

Today was my last day with Stein & Lisa before going down to visit my best friend from high school. We decided a car show in La Conner would be a really fun way to get out and enjoy the weather and spend some time together before I left, and Lisa was even able to get off work and go with us.

We had a blast but it was just too hot for poor Pete. And I have to say I feel very inexperienced at life in 90 degree weather. When is too hot for the kids? When is it too sunny for the kids? I got my answer for my dog today. After dumping a few gallons of cold sea water on him, he finally was able to breath properly again and cool down. It would have taken way too long for him to cool down in the car, even with the AC on full blast, so it's just a blessing that car show was next to a harbor.

We Alaskans are just not use to this heat!!

So back to the car show. While we were walking around big J says to me, "Mommy LOOK!" I look around but have no idea what he's talking about, so I asked what he was looking at. He said very slowly and with cautious aww, "That boy in time out mommy." And pointed over to a particular car....

I laughed so hard. Our big J finds himself out in time out quite a bit, he was in such aww and entertainment that someone else beside him got put in time out he didn't even realize the little boy he was pointing out was only a stuffed doll!!! I'm still not sure he understood it wasn't a real boy - but that just made it funnier.

So, here's to other kids getting in trouble. Cheers.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bellingham, Washington

We're in Bellingham, Washington visiting my stepbrother and his wife. I haven't seen them in ages and it's been so nice to be in their house, hanging out in their back yard, and visiting with them. Their 2 dogs are very cute well behaved, and the puppy is just big enough to handle little J smothering her. She follows big J all over the yard as the kids explore. The boys just love the dogs, and definitely their aunt and uncle too!

The heat has skyrocketed around here, they say it isn't normal for this part of Washington to be in the 90's like this, but after spending all summer in rain and 50-60 degree temps, --I'm happy-- Even if we are a little sweaty.

Unfortunately Lisa had to work today, but Stein has been quite the gentleman and showed us such a good time. He knows how I love seeing neat old buildings, and had an inkling on how the kids and Pete love the beach - bless his heart he made all of us happy today. I'm so glad I've gotten to spend this time with them.

This is Stein and the dogs out wading in the water - which was a big high point for Pete. The boys and I didn't go into the water because it was a bit muddy, but we had fun playing in the sand and throwing rocks into the water... Which for some reason, I just don't understand is one of the boys favorite things to do.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vancouver, British Columbia and on.

We finally hit Vancouver on the 9th and stayed a few days, it was just nice to stay more than one night in a hotel again.

I told Marty that when he flies in he can't start any trouble about all the stuff I have to unload from the Suburban each time we stay somewhere new, haha and do you think he listens?? Nooooo. Right away, that very instant I could HEAR his eyes rolling. That was just before he said back to me, half annoyed "Why DO we have to bring so much in??" I had a good laugh over it, but he better not say it in person or he's gonna haul it ALL. Oh I just can't wait till we get to the 5th wheel. The same bed every night, the boys own room, a place to leave Pete (the dog) when we want to go somewhere (because now, i just have to stay near the car to keep him air conditioned), a place I can cook (REAL food!), and a place for my clothes that isn't 4 feet deep in the suburban and doesn't involve 100 pounds of stuff to move.

While we were in Vancouver I had to cut Pete's toenails. If I don't, they split and bleed in no time at all. So I got started on his nails and he jerked just as I cut, and oops I ended up cutting a bit too much of his toe. He's always so nervous about me cutting his nails, and then he does something to make it worse. Bah, just sit still Pete... So then I was stuck holding his toe with nothing but a kleenex to control a gusher. With no superglue to make it stop bleeding -in a nice clean and pristine hotel room. Some how I managed to not get blood every where, even though it seemed to be coming out like a faucet. When we get into the 5th wheel we won't have to leave in the middle of the night in search of superglue, it will be fully stocked with the stuff. Praise God for superglue, once I got it on his toe, the bleeding stopped.

But enough about Petey's blood, and the guts of my suburban...

I saw this headed into Vancouver from the freeway and went on a hunt to find it. It was amazing pulling into the driveway and seeing all the things this guy had on display at his house. He said people come and go all day long to look at his sculptures. Isn't it amazing?

Both of the eagles were big enough to eat my suburban.

His name is Kevin Stone in case your in the market for a sculpture almost bigger than my last house! :D

The first night we drove in, even though it was getting late we couldn't resist going and seeing a little bit of Vancouver...


We got to feed pigeons for the first time ever, it was so exciting. Little J didn't even break his beaming smile or flinch one bit even when the pigeon missed the strudel we were feeding them and got his little finger. Nope, he was just in heaven surrounded by all those birds.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Ashcroft, BC

After leaving Prince George we drove on to a town called "100 Mile House" in British Columbia. Weird name for a town, but what a blessing that little town was! We stayed at the Imperial Motel, which had a full kitchen and a really nice room. This was the part of our journey where the strep throat was at it's worse for little J. He couldn't keep any food or water down and his temperature really spiked for a few hours. A really nice couple managed the hotel and we were so happy they were there. She loaned us a thermometer, offered to come over and bring a fresh blanket in the middle of the night and then saved a bucket for us the next morning in case little J had any more cookies to toss. Even though I only spent a few minutes with her, she was just so ready to help any way she could. Of all the places we've stayed in, I will remember that place very fondly because of her kindness and the fabulous room we stayed in.

After we left 100 Mile House, we headed out for Vancouver, BC. That was a long drive, it took us about 7 hours. But it was one of the most stunning stretches we had been through since leaving the Mat-su Valley in Alaska. Unfortunately it rained almost the whole way, so I didn't get any pictures of the really breath taking views. This is a place I'd like to come back and spend sometime in next time we travel back up to Alaska.

It did stop raining long enough to stop and check out Ashcroft Manor though. It's a beautiful old roadhouse, with a little gift shop inside. I was wishing I could go upstairs and see through the rest of that old place.

There was a lot to see, they had a teahouse in the back which was decorated to period and had a full menu to order from. Another building had a museum, and then the barns in the back as well. We really only saw the teahouse and gift shop, but got a few shots here and there to remember it.

Then just a tiny bit down the road there were these neat little old abandon houses all lined up in a row. I really wanted to go inside and explore - too bad for the no trespassing signs.

Day 9

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Chetwynd, British Columbia

On the way to Prince George we stopped to see a few farm animals, and a really cute little town called Chetwynd.

Every year they have a chainsaw carving competition, and whatever is created during the competition is permanently put on display through out the town, there ever after.

I wasn't planning on stopping in Chetwynd, but after passing up at least 6 really neat carvings, I just couldn't resist.

Day 7, Alaska to Washington... And we've made it to Prince George.

Dawson Creek

It's taken me a bit longer to write than I intended. I think a day or two after we left the hotsprings I came down with strep throat. A few days later little J came down with it too. Thankfully big J never caught it. So we had to do a few doctor visits in Canada to get some antibiotics and now we're almost recovered from it. Although it really took the energy out of me, the boys and I didn't let it keep us from any fun.

Dawson Creek was pretty neat, they have these HUGE wind turbines that looked like windmills on the horizon, all lined up in a row. They looked like they might make a neat photo up closer so the boys and I set out to find our way. We drove back through all sorts of little country roads, lanes and even a little dirt trail we took the suburban through, but we eventually found those turbines. It turned out to be a lot further than I had initially thought, and the turbines turned out to be much bigger than initially appeared.

Little J was a bit freaked out. So was the dog actually. I don't know if it will make sense in type but the SWOOOP, SWOOOP, SWOOOP sound they made wasn't extremely loud, but it was a very BIG, slow sound, it resinated through the air for miles, down to where you could just about feel it. When I let Pete out to stretch his legs, he immediately dropped his head really low, his tail between his legs and started running for cover, haha it was really funny.

This is the first turbine, with our suburban parked at the bottom. It doesn't look like it in this picture but the suburban wasn't actually parked up next to it. The base looks smaller in this picture than it is. I think if there was a garage door in the base of that turbine I could have pulled the suburban inside. They were just enormous. And 34 turbines in all.