Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

Well today we were suppose to stop and stay overnight in Watson Lake. It's about a 6 hour drive from Whitehorse, and another 7 hour drive to Fort Nelson, so Watson lake although very small is a popular overnight stay in the middle and would have been a nice break for us, lol. I say "would have" because although we could have, and should have stayed there I didn't make hotel reservations ahead of time and by 5pm that night every hotel in town was booked.

I had skipped making hotel reservations because I have learned that in small towns where motel 6 and super 8 aren't around, you never know what your gonna get until you get there. I had almost made reservations in Beaver Creek with a place who had great rates, but forgot. When I pulled up I found the roof so bent and sagging it looked as though it was about to collapse, I won't go into what the rest of the building looks like as I'm sure you get the drift. I was really glad I had not made reservations there and was only too happy to pay an extra $20 to stay somewhere clean, and well taken care of. Unfortunately that plan of "wait until we get there to see the hotel" backfired in Watson Lake. So we got out and stretched our legs at a few places before hitting the road again. I figured I would drive until I got tired and we could spend the night in the Suburban.

The two photo's above were taken on the way into Watson Lake.


Sign Post Forest
One of the places we saw during our stop was the "Sign Post Forest". It isn't really a fabulous site but it was a neat spot to get out and stretch our legs. People from all over the world have come and left signs of all types there. Some have left their license plates, others nailed messages into cookie sheets, some are handmade wooden signs, I even saw a bedpan with someones name painted on it... To think, someone chose to leave their mark and name on a bedpan, remembered through the ages. Lol.

Sign Post Forest

Sign Post Forest

The kids found some old tractors and fun equipment to play on and we just had a good time soaking up the sun exploring our way through the maze of signs. We even found an Indiana license plate! It won't be too much longer before we're there picking up our RV and visiting family.

Sign Post Forest


On the way out of town we stopped in at Lucky Lake. Although the town of Watson Lake is so small they do have quite a great place to sit back, relax, and have fun. A nice beach and a huge water slide that was closed down for the evening. We hung out on the beach for a bit, visited with another family traveling through, and gazed at the water slide wishing we could try it out.

85 degree's fahrenheit today and we are off to whatever parking lot beckons our name!

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