Tuesday, August 03, 2010

In The Middle Of Nowhere!

We pulled out of Watson Lake last night thinking it would be a slow, tired, boring drive into exhaustion, wow was I ever wrong!

As we drove into British Columbia we had started counting ravens as there were so many on the side of the road. Not long after we passed the sign above we saw a warning to look out for buffalo which was when we began searching the horizon for a glimpse of just one.

The boys and I had been singing their favorite song "Amen" when I suddenly spotted a little black dot in the bushes... Low and behold we had found a black bear!

He hung around long enough for a couple pictures and then high tailed it out of there.

We were pretty excited to see a black bear. I have only ever seen one other that I can remember (that wasn't in captivity) in my entire life. So it was pretty cool.

Not long after we came across a single buffalo. We stopped the Suburban again and eeewwwed and awwwed over him for another 10 minutes feeling quite pleased we were running into so much wildlife in such a short stretch. We even tried to say goodbye to him by "mooooooing" to him but ha, he never even looked up at us. All he seemed to care about was dinner.

Once we got on the road again we came around a corner or two and there was the semi truck that should have been long ahead of us by that point, but instead there he was in front of us surrounded by a herd of 30-40 buffalo!

I just was so awestruck by the amount of buffalo, the SIZE of the buffalo, and the vehicles trying to navigate their way through them. I stopped a good distance away, rolled down the windows so the boys could see and started taking a few pictures.

Almost instantly the herd started moving towards us, my heart just sank. In my mind I had just thought they were moving across the highway, but they had other ideas - their plans involved moving down the highway and right past us.

These animal were somewhere between a large horse and a small elephant. Super intimidating. I rolled up the windows and kept snapping shots (even through the bug splattered windows).

Until they were close enough to reach out and touch everything was fine, and exciting, but once they got that close we had 3 different bulls come right up to the front of the car and stare long and hard into the Suburban at us. The first one seemed really riled up, and uncomfortable we were there, he almost swung his head about at us which was when the smile went off my face, lol. The second bull came up after the first one wandered off and was breathing heavy, having this wild look in his eye like he was gonna ram us, then he actually put his head down and I saw him thinking about ramming us (yikes.). But by the grace of GOD he and the third bull to do the same thing decided to leave us be and move on. My heart was racing! I even had to tell the kids NOT to look them in the eye.

There was a long line of traffic behind us and a few cars waiting on the outskirts ahead of us, but somehow the kids and I were the only vehicle in the THICK of the herd. I would have taken a few more shots of when they were right up on us, but I was afraid to MOVE at that point, lol. There is just no question in my mind as to what those 3 bulls were considering. The experience was both terrifying and AMAZING. We were praising God for an amazing show, safe passage, and an undamaged vehicle for HOURS after!

And it seems like this would be a good place to end the post - as there has already been plenty of excitement for me in one night! But God had other treats in store for us, hehe. About 20 minutes later we saw another black bear, although that one was to fast to get a shot of, but then I saw yet ANOTHER black bear another 20 minutes down the road! As I stopped and snapped a photo she popped her head up, and then a cub stood up to see what the commotion was all about. It was really cute...

Then as they both head into the bushes to move on a 2nd cub pops up and heads off with the first two, my boys were so excited to see "babies", and again I was just thinking Wow, God is really blessing us.

We ended up making it to Liard Hot Springs in the middle of the night which is where he parked and got some shut eye for the night.

I love my Suburban, but I hope I never have to sleep in the front seat again. lol.


Kim said...

Vickie just gave me your blog address, so I look forward to traveling along with you. GREAT pics! Wow!

MrsM said...

Somehow I missed your comment until now, it's great to hear from you Kim! I'm super backed up on blogging - I should post tonight but the sandman is really working at taking me down tonight. Hope you and the family are all doing well, we miss you all!