Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leavenworth, Washington

Today I went through Leavenworth, wow, what a cool little town! It has a Bavarian theme through all of town in all of it's buildings. Even the McDonald's has a Bavarian theme!

The temperature was in the 90's again so I didn't get to go into the shops because we had Pete with us, but the walk through town was awesome. There's even a little river a block away from town we got to go walk down to, and dip our feet into, as Pete dunked himself. It was so funny too because a few shops had water placed out on the street for pets, which Pete took full advantage of. This is definitely a town I'd like to come back to and spend a day in.


Kim said...

We love Leavenworth! A really cool place—the Bavarian theme is great, but it's also got some really beautiful scenic spots (river, mountains, etc.) outside the town.

I'm terrible at commenting, but I've got you in my Google Reader and love your traveling summaries!

MrsM said...

Aww thanks Kim, google reader is the best huh? Only I always forget to go leave comments since I started using it. It's pretty bad to be to lazy to make a few extra clicks to get to the comment page.

Hope you guys are having a great summer, we miss seeing you all!