Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Inbetweens

I left Dana's house on Tuesday the 24th and had an awesome drive over here to Clarkston, Washington.

This is the little town of Waitsburg...

Waitsburg was a really quaint, small little town hedged with grain fields and loads of charm.

Definitely had a vintage/Mayberry feel to it.

This is the Bruce Memorial Museum. I believe the house is an "American Foursquare".
A restored mansion built in 1883 by W.P. and Carolyn Bruce. The eight-room house has been completely furnished with period pieces. It is open by appointment and Friday & Saturday afternoons from 1-4. No admission charge.

318 Main Street if your in the area. If I'm able to, I may drive over tomorrow for a tour, what an awesome looking place. I'm always itchin to look around in houses like these so I'm really hoping I can run over there tomorrow.

A Craftsman Bungalow style of home, I know it's much more simple but there's just a certain charm about them I really like. Too bad I can't get a tour of one of these homes... Maybe I'll have to pose as a home buyer the next time I see a for sale sign in the yard of one of these houses.

Not sure there would be much to stay the night for in Waitsburg, but definitely a great place to stop and stretch my legs!

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