Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vancouver, British Columbia and on.

We finally hit Vancouver on the 9th and stayed a few days, it was just nice to stay more than one night in a hotel again.

I told Marty that when he flies in he can't start any trouble about all the stuff I have to unload from the Suburban each time we stay somewhere new, haha and do you think he listens?? Nooooo. Right away, that very instant I could HEAR his eyes rolling. That was just before he said back to me, half annoyed "Why DO we have to bring so much in??" I had a good laugh over it, but he better not say it in person or he's gonna haul it ALL. Oh I just can't wait till we get to the 5th wheel. The same bed every night, the boys own room, a place to leave Pete (the dog) when we want to go somewhere (because now, i just have to stay near the car to keep him air conditioned), a place I can cook (REAL food!), and a place for my clothes that isn't 4 feet deep in the suburban and doesn't involve 100 pounds of stuff to move.

While we were in Vancouver I had to cut Pete's toenails. If I don't, they split and bleed in no time at all. So I got started on his nails and he jerked just as I cut, and oops I ended up cutting a bit too much of his toe. He's always so nervous about me cutting his nails, and then he does something to make it worse. Bah, just sit still Pete... So then I was stuck holding his toe with nothing but a kleenex to control a gusher. With no superglue to make it stop bleeding -in a nice clean and pristine hotel room. Some how I managed to not get blood every where, even though it seemed to be coming out like a faucet. When we get into the 5th wheel we won't have to leave in the middle of the night in search of superglue, it will be fully stocked with the stuff. Praise God for superglue, once I got it on his toe, the bleeding stopped.

But enough about Petey's blood, and the guts of my suburban...

I saw this headed into Vancouver from the freeway and went on a hunt to find it. It was amazing pulling into the driveway and seeing all the things this guy had on display at his house. He said people come and go all day long to look at his sculptures. Isn't it amazing?

Both of the eagles were big enough to eat my suburban.

His name is Kevin Stone in case your in the market for a sculpture almost bigger than my last house! :D

The first night we drove in, even though it was getting late we couldn't resist going and seeing a little bit of Vancouver...


We got to feed pigeons for the first time ever, it was so exciting. Little J didn't even break his beaming smile or flinch one bit even when the pigeon missed the strudel we were feeding them and got his little finger. Nope, he was just in heaven surrounded by all those birds.

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