Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Dutch Baby Variations

Dutch Babies
I tried making Dutch Babies today in a muffin pan for the first time. It turned out great! If you'd like the recipe just click here.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Before we went up into the mountains I had to drive over to pick up Marty from the Denver airport. That's another city that might have been fun to spend a few days in.

Lots of entertainment as I pulled up to get him... Did you know the airport looks like a giant circus tent?
Denver Airport
Weird huh?

They also have a huge, HUGE bronco statue out in front of the airport.
Denver Airport
That was cool to see, I love horses. The street lights in the background look small compared to that horse, don't they?

I wish I had been prepared for those and gotten a better picture of each. I guess I'll be prepared if there is ever a next time.

ETA: (I made it back and did another post on the horse!)

On our way back down south we went through Denver again, and just outside the city on the outskirts of Golden, Colorado we spotted the strangest house from the interstate....
The Sculptured House
I wish I had gotten better pictures but I spotted it just as we were about to pass it and didn't have time to stop, or go in search of a better angle.

The Sculptured House

The Sculptured House
Isn't it strange?

I guess it's called "The sculptured house". It was also in the move "Sleeper" with Woody Allen and sometimes referred to as "The Sleeper house". This website has some photos that actually do this place justice if your curious.

And if you wanna see for yourself, I found the directions online! The house is located about 20 miles west of downtown Denver at 24501 Ski Hill Drive in Golden. Head west out of Denver on I-70 to Exit 254, toward Genesee Park. Turn left on US-40 eastbound, then right at South Genesee Mountain Road. After about a mile and a half, turn left on Genesee Avenue, then left again on Ski Hill Drive.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well here we are in Colorado.

We've been all over the state already and have now nestled down in a quiet little town, on a farm with some great new friends to work on a plan. I have a dream for our oldest son. And to honor his privacy I'll leave it at that.

Spending time up in the mountains was amazing.

Since we've started traveling I can't tell you how many times I've thought "what a small world we live in"... But being up in these mountains had me thinking how small we are in such a big world!

Can you see the lines of Gods paint brush?

Can you see the red dirt?

We spent a week up in the mountains, it was very peaceful. I still can hardly believe it, but half way through the week I came down with altitude sickness. Bleck, that is no fun. Everyday sometime after noon my head started to ache and my tummy started to go all queasy. Not fun. For the first time in my life I went to bed everyday at 7pm!

Thankfully we're down on the flats now. Altitude sickness is gone.

The Hank & Trish, who we're staying with have a beautiful American Four Square house. It was built in 1915 (I think) and was amazing to get a tour of. We even found a couple of planks in the floorboards upstairs that were loose and had some child's treasure hiding under, that was so neat to find! I love this style of house and being here has been so much fun for all of us. They're an amazing couple with some great kids.

They have dogs, cats, goats, chickens, horses, and even a little pig. All of my boys, including the dog, love it here!

The pig is young and is just a giddy little thing. Every time we go by her pen she seems to plead for us to give her attention, and yet she's a tad leery of people. So the other day I thought I'd see if our dog would play with her. Pete didn't really know what to think of a pig, but was happy to play fetch in her pen. The little pig was SO HAPPY! She ran with Pete, her little tail wiggling the whole time. We took a video that still cracks me up every time I see it...

In addition to the pig, they also have 4 goats. 3 females and one male.

The male goat has my heart. His name is Whirly. He's big, sweet, lets me snuggle his big knobby head and seems to have a wisdom in his slow and steady way. He is gentle with the children and tolerates the dogs (so long as the dogs leave him be). He can be let out of his pen, and he'll either find the stack of hay, or stay near his ladies. He's a good boy.

I left Pete in the pen with Whirly the other day while I took the boys into the females pen. Mr. Jealous wanted to come with us. Oh my you should have heard him cry. It sounded like a loud dove cooing. LJ couldn't even concentrate on seeing the female goats because Pete was in such a dither. Doesn't he just look pathetic? That's Pete giving his best pout right there.

These are the horses. The one on the left is a filly who's about a year old. The horse on the right is a mustang, stallion they got for free. No one has ever been able to get a halter on this horse, he really doesn't let you get near him except to take some grain out of your hand and split. The fun thing is that since we've been here they've really begun to work with him and as of today, Hank was able to pet his neck for the first time. Huge step forward for the horse. I'll have to keep you posted on his progress.

Well I'm off to hit the hay. Hope you all have a wonderful night, sleep tight!

Playing Catch-up

Wow it's been a long time since I've blogged.

Last I checked in with the blog, we were headed out of Louisiana headed for Texas. We stayed at an RV park just outside of San Antonio for the last part of December and into the new year. The best part about the park was that they had a hot tub. Oh my do I love relaxing in one of those. We tried to make it down there for a visit AT LEAST 3 times a week. All 4 of us loved it.

They also had a pool, but I never got beyond dipping my legs in it (my legs went numb from the cold almost instantly, lol). The pool isn't heated. Marty and BJ on the other hand were insane enough to jump in several times coming up SHOCKED from the frigid temperature every time. Really, those two are insane. Actually we even had another camper come over and tell them they were insane, lol! It was kinda funny.

Just past the white fence in the photos is a huge lake the RV park surrounds. It's stocked with fish and lots of ducks. The boys and I got into a daily routine of taking bread down to the lake to feed the fish and ducks, they really enjoyed that.

The other awesome thing was, they had wild turtles! Well, maybe they aren't considered wild, but they weren't in a tank at a pet store, so I guess that means their wild right? Back when I was a child we used to visit my family in Indiana and see turtles a lot, we'd stop, pick them up and take them home whenever we saw one. These turtles are much faster than the ones we use to find in Indiana. We were never able to get close to these Texas turtles before they'd race back into the water. Texas turtles were still very exciting to see though!

San Antonio River Walk
Also while we were in San Antonio LJ and I were able to break away and see the famous River Walk. It was beautiful down there. It's a famous walk along the San Antonio river, sunk below street level, right in the middle of town. The section I was able to walk was lined with nothing but restaurants. I was wishing they had shops down there but was still a beautiful walk.

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk
LJ even got to stop and enjoy a duck!

San Antonio, TX

We took a little break from our "vacation" to do something special for our son BJ, which is why we headed for Colorado. More about Colorado in the next post....