Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing Catch-up

Wow it's been a long time since I've blogged.

Last I checked in with the blog, we were headed out of Louisiana headed for Texas. We stayed at an RV park just outside of San Antonio for the last part of December and into the new year. The best part about the park was that they had a hot tub. Oh my do I love relaxing in one of those. We tried to make it down there for a visit AT LEAST 3 times a week. All 4 of us loved it.

They also had a pool, but I never got beyond dipping my legs in it (my legs went numb from the cold almost instantly, lol). The pool isn't heated. Marty and BJ on the other hand were insane enough to jump in several times coming up SHOCKED from the frigid temperature every time. Really, those two are insane. Actually we even had another camper come over and tell them they were insane, lol! It was kinda funny.

Just past the white fence in the photos is a huge lake the RV park surrounds. It's stocked with fish and lots of ducks. The boys and I got into a daily routine of taking bread down to the lake to feed the fish and ducks, they really enjoyed that.

The other awesome thing was, they had wild turtles! Well, maybe they aren't considered wild, but they weren't in a tank at a pet store, so I guess that means their wild right? Back when I was a child we used to visit my family in Indiana and see turtles a lot, we'd stop, pick them up and take them home whenever we saw one. These turtles are much faster than the ones we use to find in Indiana. We were never able to get close to these Texas turtles before they'd race back into the water. Texas turtles were still very exciting to see though!

San Antonio River Walk
Also while we were in San Antonio LJ and I were able to break away and see the famous River Walk. It was beautiful down there. It's a famous walk along the San Antonio river, sunk below street level, right in the middle of town. The section I was able to walk was lined with nothing but restaurants. I was wishing they had shops down there but was still a beautiful walk.

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk
LJ even got to stop and enjoy a duck!

San Antonio, TX

We took a little break from our "vacation" to do something special for our son BJ, which is why we headed for Colorado. More about Colorado in the next post....

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