Saturday, September 29, 2007

What stage are you?

We went to a marriage seminar last week. The Anchorage Church of Christ had 2 guest speakers that led the seminar. A really good team, who happened to be husband and wife.

Things are great with Marty and I, but I figured there's always room for improvement - mainly where I'm concerned. In case your wondering why we went.

I learned a lot, now the trick is putting what I learned into practice. And with my stubborn will, it'll only happen by the grace of GOD. Thankfully God likes to lend a hand in areas like these.

Anyway, this chart below was something that was touched on during the weekend. I love it and had to share it. I know you married people out there can appreciate it.

His point was that every marriage goes through these stages. He pointed out that divorce only happens in stage 2, so a struggling couple just has to focus on getting through to stage three.

This was not the "solve-all" to a good marriage but again, just a small thing he showed that I thought was neat. And very true.

Oh, by the way...

No fighting with your spouse about which stage your in.