Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bliss in the back of a Chevy

Happiness is getting to ride in the back of the truck, adjusting his jaw to make all sorts of air-pockets out of his flapping lips. Just looking at how happy he is makes me want to go for a ride.

Yes I know I should be driving but one can never have enough pictures of him.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No Shy Butterfly

Let me get right in his face for a picture. In fact, I think he's even smiling for the camera. :)


While we were in Indianapolis my aunt took a few of us out shopping, and of course we can't skip going to a green house. I got some super neat stuff there too. But while we were there she insisted we go into the depths of plants to see something. Low and behold a mother bird chose one peticular plant, set up house, and had some babies. The folks at the greenhouse have taken the birds under their wings and make sure nobody messes with them.

I've never seen wild birds so little and young before.


I made it home on Sunday. The trip down was wonderful and being with the family has renewed me. My time with each one of them will never ever be enough and I miss them all terribly.

On the other hand, it felt so good to get home, see my husband, see my dog, and sleep in my bed.

Go'in for a ride

To lazy to stand up and put his head out the window. Laying down and stretching to rest his head on the door seems to be much better.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Mom and I are staying at one of my aunt and uncles (her sister) down here in Indiana. These two have computers everywhere so here I am feeding my blog addiction.

We went way out into the country yesterday to an old cemetery that hasn't had any new graves in I think decades and decades. There are some grave stones but many grave markers are just plain rocks, no engraving, just river rocks - some of the markers were tree's, no carving, just a tree. Odd not knowing who's buried there. Apparently that's how it was done way way back in the day. My great great grandparents and a few other people are buried there, and then there were some places nearby we use to visit down the road. Anyway we got out of the car at the graveyard for I think all of 2-3 minutes tops. We were headed back to the car and mom starts hollerin about a bug on her leg. She tried to brush it off and it wouldn't come off, which means panic. My uncle had to come and pick it off, and told us it was a tick. Now I'm starting to panic. This is the critter I have taken great pains to avoid. I haven't had one on me in 18 years I think (great bonus living in Alaska). So after the one was discovered on mom we all bent over to check our legs and sure enough we all had them. I had 3-4 on me and another one showed up on my ankle 30 minutes after I had checked that very same spot. It was just yuck. None of them had time to bury their heads but they still stuck, we had to squish them to our skin or pick them off. Neither choice is good in my book. I had to check places I rather not be checking and then mom and I had to go through eachothers scalps. We wore hats, thankfully none got in our hair. I iched all day until I was finally able to twitch into the shower. That shower felt so good, I swear I'll never enter the Indiana sticks again.

My cousins family and I are going to the Newburgh fair tonight while mom and auntie are going to the class reunion. Should be fun.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I fly out at 11pm tonight. I started packing last night and I swear I feel like I'm missing a ton of stuff. If only I knew what I'm forgeting. I guess if I don't figure it out soon, I'll just have to live without.

Valette and her hubby stayed here last night on their way through town. While I'm not sure I'll ever see my cat again, their dog was complete entertainment. I didn't think any dog could fit under my bed, (the cat didn't either) but almost immediatly after entering my bedroom Lacy shot under the bed and straight into the cats face. haha it was way funny. If Valette wasn't allergic to cats I'd get Lacy one for christmas. She totally needs one.

I was gonna post my favorite picture of Lacy, (I think it was 2/7/04 - Lacy 7) but I couldn't find it anywhere. Valette I really liked that picture, where did it go?

Anyway I gotta git, be back on the 19th.