Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I fly out at 11pm tonight. I started packing last night and I swear I feel like I'm missing a ton of stuff. If only I knew what I'm forgeting. I guess if I don't figure it out soon, I'll just have to live without.

Valette and her hubby stayed here last night on their way through town. While I'm not sure I'll ever see my cat again, their dog was complete entertainment. I didn't think any dog could fit under my bed, (the cat didn't either) but almost immediatly after entering my bedroom Lacy shot under the bed and straight into the cats face. haha it was way funny. If Valette wasn't allergic to cats I'd get Lacy one for christmas. She totally needs one.

I was gonna post my favorite picture of Lacy, (I think it was 2/7/04 - Lacy 7) but I couldn't find it anywhere. Valette I really liked that picture, where did it go?

Anyway I gotta git, be back on the 19th.


Klondike Kate said...

Bye! Have a good trip! And...where are you going?

K said...

Thanks! I'm headed to Indiana to visit family. I'm looking forward to seeing them. But of course I shall miss my blogger family. Have fun with out me!

Valette said...

I moved all of the early Lacey photos to the gallery section: