Friday, June 10, 2005


Mom and I are staying at one of my aunt and uncles (her sister) down here in Indiana. These two have computers everywhere so here I am feeding my blog addiction.

We went way out into the country yesterday to an old cemetery that hasn't had any new graves in I think decades and decades. There are some grave stones but many grave markers are just plain rocks, no engraving, just river rocks - some of the markers were tree's, no carving, just a tree. Odd not knowing who's buried there. Apparently that's how it was done way way back in the day. My great great grandparents and a few other people are buried there, and then there were some places nearby we use to visit down the road. Anyway we got out of the car at the graveyard for I think all of 2-3 minutes tops. We were headed back to the car and mom starts hollerin about a bug on her leg. She tried to brush it off and it wouldn't come off, which means panic. My uncle had to come and pick it off, and told us it was a tick. Now I'm starting to panic. This is the critter I have taken great pains to avoid. I haven't had one on me in 18 years I think (great bonus living in Alaska). So after the one was discovered on mom we all bent over to check our legs and sure enough we all had them. I had 3-4 on me and another one showed up on my ankle 30 minutes after I had checked that very same spot. It was just yuck. None of them had time to bury their heads but they still stuck, we had to squish them to our skin or pick them off. Neither choice is good in my book. I had to check places I rather not be checking and then mom and I had to go through eachothers scalps. We wore hats, thankfully none got in our hair. I iched all day until I was finally able to twitch into the shower. That shower felt so good, I swear I'll never enter the Indiana sticks again.

My cousins family and I are going to the Newburgh fair tonight while mom and auntie are going to the class reunion. Should be fun.


Klondike Kate said...

My sympathies! I hate creepy crawly bugs and ticks certaintly qualify! Look forward to the pictures!

doughgirl said...

BUGS!!!!! yuck. I can do snakes and mice, but not bugs....ewwww. Hope the rest of your trip goes well :)

Damon said...

So nasty. You've confirmed my calling to city life. :)