Tuesday, July 01, 2008


We have officially transitioned from rescuing animals to rescuing Children. We finally took in our first foster children on June 19th, they're 2 boys ages 21 months old and 8 weeks old and I'm in love already. I wish I could post pictures and tell you all about them, unfortunately thats not allowed.

But I CAN tell you what I've discovered so far...
  • Pampers and all the other brands are aweful - gotta be Luvs or Huggies.
  • My house will never be as clean as I want it too.
  • To speak fluent toddlereese one must know the word "NO!"
  • I have now become one of those people you talk about in the store because of the tantrums the older one is capable of. **my personal favorite**
The older one went threw a few homes before he came to ours, I suspect he will work through some of his issues once he's had some time to adjust. In the meantime I am working at being consistent with discipline and lots of love.
Marty will be home in a couple weeks to meet them and I can't wait!
In the mean time wish me luck and come see us if you like!