Friday, February 18, 2011


Before we went up into the mountains I had to drive over to pick up Marty from the Denver airport. That's another city that might have been fun to spend a few days in.

Lots of entertainment as I pulled up to get him... Did you know the airport looks like a giant circus tent?
Denver Airport
Weird huh?

They also have a huge, HUGE bronco statue out in front of the airport.
Denver Airport
That was cool to see, I love horses. The street lights in the background look small compared to that horse, don't they?

I wish I had been prepared for those and gotten a better picture of each. I guess I'll be prepared if there is ever a next time.

ETA: (I made it back and did another post on the horse!)

On our way back down south we went through Denver again, and just outside the city on the outskirts of Golden, Colorado we spotted the strangest house from the interstate....
The Sculptured House
I wish I had gotten better pictures but I spotted it just as we were about to pass it and didn't have time to stop, or go in search of a better angle.

The Sculptured House

The Sculptured House
Isn't it strange?

I guess it's called "The sculptured house". It was also in the move "Sleeper" with Woody Allen and sometimes referred to as "The Sleeper house". This website has some photos that actually do this place justice if your curious.

And if you wanna see for yourself, I found the directions online! The house is located about 20 miles west of downtown Denver at 24501 Ski Hill Drive in Golden. Head west out of Denver on I-70 to Exit 254, toward Genesee Park. Turn left on US-40 eastbound, then right at South Genesee Mountain Road. After about a mile and a half, turn left on Genesee Avenue, then left again on Ski Hill Drive.


Bos said...

You are amazing, your posts are amazing and your love for exploration is AMAZING!

I wish I was more like you. Miss you. (loved pete and the pig as did the children)

MrsM said...

One day I am determined to camp with you all again! Only this time we should do it somewhere in the states, or Canada! So long as there are no flies.

Glad you all enjoyed the video, it was fun to make. Miss you TONS too!

tanya said...

K- Neat to see the Denver sites again. The guy who started working on that stallion at the airport was actually killed when the statue fell on him one day while he was working on it, true story! Then another guy finished it. And the clamshell house, I've been looking at that for years as we would drive by on the way to go snowboarding. It has belonged to many famous people, but now to a pro snowboarder and his wife. The one set of picts look like the Glenwood canyon???? That is where Tanya and I met, right in the little town of Gypsum just at the East mouth of the canyon on 1-70. we miss you guys and and and the boys and those who are working with the boys are in our prayers. -Jud