Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Blue Steed

We were in Denver again in late May and I had a chance to get better pictures of the blue stallion.  I love horses, and at first glance I am always awed at this thing.  It's massive, and kinda fierce looking...  

The site of it on the horizon just commands respect doesn't it? 

32 feet tall so they say.

But then you get closer and it's just one of those weird things that makes you think "Oh My.  What. on. earth??"

There's an eye full of an anatomy lesson for one.

Then the second thing that strikes you is the glowing red eyes.  At certain angles they don't glow, but as you drive by they really come out. 

So the horses manhood showing wasn't necessary, but OK... ? 

The red evil eyes though??  Kinda doesn't make it so neat when you see those. 

But then there's one more thing about this horse that just really gives you pause to give it some distance.  Apparently during it's making while pieces of the horse were being hoisted for final assembly, the torso swung out of control and crushed the artist which sadly killed him...  His family choose to continue on with the plan of putting the horse together and out on display (and I definitely respect their decision on that).

So with all of this, the locals have dubbed the horse "Bluecifer","Satan's Steed" and/or "Blue Devil Horse."

Isn't it such a shame? 

I think it needs a make-over, something to give public opinion a fresh start and a pleasant view.  Some lovely brown eyes would do the trick nicely don't you think?  And yes, maybe even a loin cloth...

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