Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Camp

At the start of June we battened down the hatches and left Colorado for Washington.  We were bummed to leave our friends, after parking on their farm for so long we really got to feeling like a part of each others families.  I'm really gonna miss them.  But the positive side is that we were glad to be heading for greener views.  Colorado was really fun, and we got to see some amazing places (amazing) but it's also really brown, lol.  I am just not used to so much brown filling the landscapes...

We headed up to a family camp in Washington we had been planning for months.  It was held at Waitts Lake Camp, just outside of Spokane, Washington.  They have RV spaces and dorm rooms for families to stay in so when we decided to join in on the fun we reserved an RV spot.  The funny thing is I made a point to ask them if their RV spaces would be big enough to fit our 40' 5th wheel.  I even said it doesn't fit into all parks.  The person who took our reservations said it would be no problem at all and there was plenty of room.  Hahaha...  We're still giggling about that.

I've been practicing tiny bits of moving the 5th wheel for months here and there but you know it's not much smaller than driving a semi...  It's really scary to get behind the wheel and head for a city, or small back roads!  I'm great on long straight highways, but everything else is tense.  What if I hit the curb, or even further and take out a pole, or a person waiting on the corner?  What if the navigator takes us down the wrong road and I have to make a million point turn?  I'd rather leave it all to Marty but then what if something ever happened to him and I had to take over?  We've even had a few close calls of almost having to move the RV when he was out of town, luckily we got out of it.  Ug, so yeah I've had this doom and gloom looming over me - I need to learn how to do this.

So when we left Colorado, I did EVERYTHING this time around.  Marty was really sweet and made a check list for me to go through before we pulled out which made getting the 5th wheel packed up pretty easy.  I drove most of the way there, (we took shifts because it was a 2 day drive).  I should add that I really want to go back to Wyoming - never thought I would say that but we drove through some beautiful places there.  Stunning actually.  American Stonehenge comes to mind.  I really hate it when we have a time crunch because it seems like those places we don't have time to stop and see are always the most amazing.

Anyway we pulled into camp late only to find tight tight quarters.  I didn't even think we could get the 5th wheel in, the spaces were so. small.  Actually there was only one space we were able to fit, but it was a bit like wedging yourself into an already full sardine can.  Backing up through a twisty woodsy driveway, darn near needing a crowbar to pry ourselves into that RV space, but we did it.  I drove but had absolutely no idea how to do it, so Marty was definitely the brains of that opperation, lol.  I just shut my brain off and did as I was told.  He's so good at this stuff.  And guess what, I did a million point turn and we made it into that spot!  Success!  But I feel quite certain most folks in a 5th wheel our size wouldn't have been able to do it.  It was SO Tight getting around some of those trees.  My husband is really amazing.

This is our spot, the other RV spaces were up that dirt path.

The pictures don't show it very well, but when I see these photos it's like having a reminder that we defeated Goliath!

The camp was really fun.  We got to know several Christian families that we've become great friends with and had all sorts of fun with our kids.

One of the things we did was make masks with the boys.  They loved it.  They even got to paint them after drying.  Someone suggested making the masks closed mouth, and after several people gave a puzzled look to that suggestion the person said, "When you were little and put on a mask with an open mouth, what was the first thing you did with your tongue?"  Yup, I remember...  Haha, I am still laughing at that...  Soo we made both boys masks closed mouthed.  No soggy lips to worry about in the future with those masks thanks to someones brilliance.

They had a big water slide, obstacle course, hiking trails, campfires and songs, lots of fun activities and an awesome cook. I would love to do it again some year.

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