Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot Rod Cafe

3/20/12 UPDATE: Hot Rod Cafe closed their doors and went out of business in either February or March of 2012. Such a BUMMER - as it was such a great place to go. Here's to hoping someone will eventually resurrect this place when economic times are better.


We've been staying at the Coeur D' Alene RV Resort in Post Falls, Idaho for about a week.  We had hoped to find a good park in Spokane, or Spokane Valley but found that many weren't all that great.  No place to open your awning and let the kids play, or no yard, or just bad locations.  We finally found the park here in Post Falls and fell in love with it.  They have an amazing staff, an indoor swimming pool, exercise room and the whole park is really well kept.

If your in the area you can find them at:
2652 East Mullan Avenue
Post Falls, ID 83854
(208) 773-3527


Hot Rod Cafe
Anyway just down the road is the neatest little cafe!

Hot Rod Cafe
The parking lot alone is fun to drive through, even on a slow day.

Hot Rod Cafe

Chevy Impala


Love this car, very stealth.

34 Ford
1934 Ford

We actually saw much more in the parking lot but I'll stop here and show you inside.

Hot Rod Cafe
This is their waiting area.  The boys were happy as clams to sit here!

Hot Rod Cafe
The entrance/exit.

Hot Rod Cafe

Hot Rod Cafe

Hot Rod Cafe

Hot Rod Cafe
This was an ice-cream station you could access from the other side, the boys went and checked it out while I took the other photos.

Hot Rod Cafe
And when you order a children's meal, they bring the fries in these lovely fry baskets, aren't they neat looking?

We have several other photos of the Hot Rod Cafe if you'd like to see them.

It's a great place to stop in and have a meal (the food is pretty good), they also have weekend car shows all the time in the parking lot.  In fact at one point during a drive by we saw huge smoke plumes and on closer look from the highway discovered it wasn't some enormous building caught fire, but people smoking their tires during a car show, lol!

Anyway if your in the area and want to stop in, the Cafe can be found at:
1610 Schneidmiller Avenue
Post Falls, ID 83854-7065
(208) 777-1712


Anonymous said...

spent last march and april in Post Falls , love that whole area and yes the Hot Rod cafe to , the park around the falls is great

MrsM said...

Unfortunately just this month the Hot Rod Cafe went out of business. Such a bummer because it was such a fun place to go. But they just weren't getting enough business.

I haven't been to the falls yet, I'm so glad you mentioned it because we've been looking for a fun place to explore.