Monday, June 13, 2011

Spokane Sights

Being here in the Spokane area has been really fun.  They have so many neat things around here to see.

Worlds Largest Radio Flyer Wagon
Downtown in Riverfront Park they have the worlds largest Radio Flyer wagon.  It's HUGE and children everywhere just FLOCK to it.  A 26 ton Radio Flyer with a slide handle, rated to hold 300 people.  Crazy huh?  Just looking at this thing makes me joyful, lol.  The boys absolutely love it too.

This is right next to the Radio Flyer wagon.

Garbage Eating Goat.
Another really funny thing we found in Riverfront Park was the garbage eating goat.  If you push that button on the wall just behind the goat, it turns on a vacuum.  I guess it was made years ago as usable art.  You just feed your garbage into it's mouth and it sucks it right up.  The boys are still little, so it really freaked the both of them out.  They took a wide eyed step back in panic until we convinced them the goat wouldn't eat them too.  That was even funnier than running into a garbage eating goat...

So all of that was just in Riverfront Park, but there is even more neat stuff to see out in the city.

Milk Bottle Building
This building is at 800 W. Garland Ave., Spokane, WA.

Milk Bottle Building
This building is at the corner of 4th Ave. West and S Cedar St. in Spokane.

Both of these buildings were Benewah Milk Bottles built in the 30's as retail outlets for the creamery.  I guess each of these buildings only cost about $3,700 to build.  Ha, can you imagine how much it would run today?

I really wanna show up and help volunteer to paint the first building.  So nostalgic, I love them both!

War Horse
One more thing we've finally gotten to do is eat at PF Changs.  It wasn't talk of great food that drew me in, but the fierce horse that they have standing guard at their doors.  We've seen them all over the country but have never been able to stop.  Beautiful isn't it?  I guess one of those horses  runs about $40,000 a piece!  That's a mighty stout steed isn't it??

We're really looking forward to exploring the city more and finding out what other wonderful treasures it has hiding.

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