Saturday, May 28, 2011


LJ and I just got back from visiting with my mom and our other family in Indiana.  It was a short trip over by plane while Marty and BJ stayed home and took our 5th wheel in for warranty work.  Soooo glad I got to miss trips to the repair shop!

I have to warn you right now,
before you go any further,
this is a post with absolutely no focus or direction.

I apologize as it is embarrassingly SCATTERED!

 ((blushing and thinking... "oh well."))

Anyway during a visit over to my grandpa's girlfriends house we took a tour of her yard and found this...

A place for hopscotch in the garden.  Isn't that such a cute idea??

While we were visiting my grandpa in Tell City my mom had to show me her favorite little house there.  She likes the stone.  It is pretty cute.  The owner happened to be out in her garden so we complimented the house and her green thumb, she told us this was the oldest house in Tell City.  Very neat.

The historic Tell City library, now a museum.

And now I have to apologize again.  I really try to keep my classic car and Chevy truck love off this blog, but this time I just can't help it.

We ran across this 71 Chevelle Malibu while out driving around in the back roads of Tell City.

I felt like a deer in the headlights when I saw it.  Isn't it pretty?


We also ran across this pretty little Chevy.

When I fell in love with my husband eons ago, he drove a big beefy Chevy like this one (see below for a pic of ours).  He built it from the ground up with his dad, and then did body and paint with his cousin.  I remember them spending months in the shop getting it put together.  Before the work, we took it out 4x'n - after the work we took it out on TL's (town laps).  We were young. 

We still have it back in Alaska.  It still looks beautiful until you get close and see the dents and rust. 

Anyway this style/year of Chevy always brings back good times.   


Anonymous said...

Love the hopscotch in the garden!! Dana

MrsM said...

I know, I really thought it was cute too!

Kim said...

You crack me up with your pictures of cars/trucks! That hopscotch path is a great idea; I have to remember it when we start to landscape behind the house, because I want to put a pathway back there and the girls would love a section of hopscotch!

MrsM said...

We've actually be playing hopscotch a lot here lately and could see a couple possible problems with those numbers.

Your suppose to throw a rock to a certain square, and then take your turn, avoiding the square with the rock in it. Then on the way back through the course you stop and pick up the rock. Only if the square before your rock happens to be a single square, you have to balance on one foot and bend down to pick up the rock. I could see those numbers causing even more of a balance issue with they way they stick up.

Then I wonder if those numbers would break and crack with all the jumping and hopping on them?

My grandpa's girlfriend doesn't actually use this, so it hasn't been put to the test on durability. I still think it's really cute though. :D