Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ordway, Colorado

I can't believe it's been since February since I checked in... 

We're still in Ordway, still doing our best to help our oldest son.  We've been very blessed to get connected to some amazing people who are working hard along side of us to figure out how best to help our son succeed in his life.  We would really love any prayers you care to send up concerning our boy.

Hotel Ordway
In the meantime we've spent lots of time exploring this small little town and the surrounding area's.  It's a nice place, very small town America.  Whether we're out walking or out driving, folks around here always wave, people are amazingly friendly which has made us feel right at home.  As friendly and warm as it is though, I should probably add that we wouldn't pick this place to live, we really can't wait to get back out on the road.  We really miss the adventure..

This is a little house that always catches my eye, I think it's just outside of Swink, Colorado.

This is one of the local feed lots in Colorado.  These places are a trip.  Until coming to Colorado, I have never even heard of "feedlots".  This place claims to have 7,000 cows.  They raise them until their ready to be...  Harvested?  Killed?  Not sure the right term on that.  This is actually America's beef.  The people who run these lots are very friendly and let us go see the cows, but it was kinda sad seeing the cows so close up.  Too much cow plop and urine in one place is just not good, lol.  It took 7 washes and some really good smelling hand sanitizer to get the smell off my hands after being licked several times by one of the cows.  I love cows, both to see, pet, and to have for lunch, but having that many cows jammed into such tight quarters is not so good.  One of the downsides of staying in Ordway is the smell from these feedlots.  It carries on the breeze for miles, and if you have laundry out drying on a line and the wind changes to your direction, you have to pull it in as soon as the cow smell is detectable or it will permeate your fresh laundry until it's rewashed.


Some other cool things we've found on our exploration around here are several different abandoned houses.  I am always drawn to old abandoned houses, seeing them always makes me want to go find out why they were left or what happened to their family

This place is south of us, just down the street.

This place is just down the road to the west.

Devils Claw
Another interesting thing we've come across around here is this, creepy looking isn't it??

Devils Claw
The first one I ran across was hanging onto Pete's foot as he whimpered and limped over me.  I was horrified, I thought it was some type of creature or bug.  Turns out it's a seed pod from a dried up plant - it's called a devils claw.  Seems appropriate when you see it huh?


Anonymous said...

welcome back, I've missed your updates. Miss you guys. Love and hugsssssssss to everyone. Jeanette

MrsM said...

Jeanette, it's wonderful to hear from you! I keep wanting to call you and have a visit, but stuff keeps coming up and getting in the way. Hoping for some time this week to do that. Miss and love you too!

Kim said...

When we lived in S California, I had to drive past a huge field of cows to get to work every morning and the stench in the air was unbelievable. Almost overpowering!

Praying for J.

MrsM said...

Mental note to myself on avoiding the rural area's of southern california then! Ha, it IS unbelievable until you get within a mile. Thanks for your prayers Kim!