Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manitou Springs, Colorado

Oh my I just LOVED this little town.  This whole place was nestled right into the high hills outside of Colorado Springs. 

Lots of cute shops, boutiques, antique stores, cafe's...

 ...Funnel cake fries at one of the vendors stands.  Oh my.  They were really good.

And I discovered Miche purses here - might have to do another whole post on those.

Miramont Castle
We took the tour of Miramont Castle, it was really fun to go poke through.

Miramont Castle
...I had a hard time getting it all in one photo.

With the exception of the main roads in and through town all the streets were pretty much one lane.  Our dually just happened to be in the shop when we visited Manitou Springs and it's a good thing, because it would not have fit in the residential areas of this place!  Anytime an on coming car came one of us would have to pull off to the side of the road to let the other pass.  Even with us driving a normal rental car!

Bonnie Castle

This would be one of those places I would I would go back to see again.


Jana said...

It is a gorgeous little town set in a gorgeous location! We packed a picnic lunch one afternoon and took a drive there from Denver (where we were living at the time). It is soooo pretty in the fall, which was when we went. Did you guys make it up to the North Pole? We tried but the road was closed. :(

Love your blog and have enjoyed reading about your adventures. We joined the ranks of full time RVer's just a month ago. Loving it so far!

MrsM said...

Hi Jana! Thank you very much! I read about the north pole but we never did make it up there. After hitting all the little shops and spending a little time seeing the residential area's we ran out of time.

Where are you all right now?

Jana said...

We are in Arizona, but may be leaving in a couple of weeks to head to Tennessee. Thinking of making a pit stop to see family in Idaho and retrieve a few things from our storage unit there. Then maybe swing down through Colorado to pick up a few more items out of storage there as well. Who knows...maybe we will run into each other there. :)

MrsM said...

We're heading to Washington next Saturday for about 3 weeks, and then we'll be back. I'd love to meet up if it's convenient for you all.

How do you like Arizona?

Jana said...

It has been wonderful, but now the temps are creeping up into the 100's and that means afternoons in the RV of about 85 degrees. Getting a bit too warm for our liking now. But winter here can't be beat!

We lived in Long Beach WA for a couple of years, right on the coast. Oh my is so beautiful there! And cool. :) (Can you tell I am a bit fixated on temperature right now? Lol!)

Would love to meet up in CO. We'll keep you posted as to when we're heading there. Hopefully we can meet up!