Thursday, May 26, 2011

Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is a post that's long overdue.  We were in Colorado Springs in early April and it's almost JUNE!  I might have skipped it altogether but the Springs is such a neat place to visit, I couldn't pass it up.

We found this piece of art in front of one of the Colleges, the boys loved going through all the little cubbies and rooms.

Garden of the Gods
This was another fun place to visit called "The Garden of the Gods".  The kids and I renamed it "The garden of God"  :D

Garden of the Gods
The Garden is just a free place to take a walk.  Lots of paved walkways, pretty scenery and the dog was welcome.

The Cliff Dwellings
These were the cliff dwellings just outside of Colorado Springs.  We were allowed to walk all through them and climb around, the boys thought it was really neat.

This was taken from Lower Gold Camp Rd., up in North Cneyenne Canon Park.  On the outskirts of Colorado Springs...

...Great place to drive up on the mountain for beautiful scenery.  The little dirt road had a handful of neat mountain pass through tunnels like this one.

Then of course I can't go anywhere new without looking for neat old houses...

Very cute purple house we saw after going to church on Sunday.

A mansion to big to get in one picture.

And while I was driving around - we came across some deer - Pete was really excited to see them.  The kids had passed out in the back seat and missed all the wuff wuffing.

A shed?  A child's playhouse?  I'm not sure, but it had it's own address, lol.

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