Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well here we are in Colorado.

We've been all over the state already and have now nestled down in a quiet little town, on a farm with some great new friends to work on a plan. I have a dream for our oldest son. And to honor his privacy I'll leave it at that.

Spending time up in the mountains was amazing.

Since we've started traveling I can't tell you how many times I've thought "what a small world we live in"... But being up in these mountains had me thinking how small we are in such a big world!

Can you see the lines of Gods paint brush?

Can you see the red dirt?

We spent a week up in the mountains, it was very peaceful. I still can hardly believe it, but half way through the week I came down with altitude sickness. Bleck, that is no fun. Everyday sometime after noon my head started to ache and my tummy started to go all queasy. Not fun. For the first time in my life I went to bed everyday at 7pm!

Thankfully we're down on the flats now. Altitude sickness is gone.

The Hank & Trish, who we're staying with have a beautiful American Four Square house. It was built in 1915 (I think) and was amazing to get a tour of. We even found a couple of planks in the floorboards upstairs that were loose and had some child's treasure hiding under, that was so neat to find! I love this style of house and being here has been so much fun for all of us. They're an amazing couple with some great kids.

They have dogs, cats, goats, chickens, horses, and even a little pig. All of my boys, including the dog, love it here!

The pig is young and is just a giddy little thing. Every time we go by her pen she seems to plead for us to give her attention, and yet she's a tad leery of people. So the other day I thought I'd see if our dog would play with her. Pete didn't really know what to think of a pig, but was happy to play fetch in her pen. The little pig was SO HAPPY! She ran with Pete, her little tail wiggling the whole time. We took a video that still cracks me up every time I see it...

In addition to the pig, they also have 4 goats. 3 females and one male.

The male goat has my heart. His name is Whirly. He's big, sweet, lets me snuggle his big knobby head and seems to have a wisdom in his slow and steady way. He is gentle with the children and tolerates the dogs (so long as the dogs leave him be). He can be let out of his pen, and he'll either find the stack of hay, or stay near his ladies. He's a good boy.

I left Pete in the pen with Whirly the other day while I took the boys into the females pen. Mr. Jealous wanted to come with us. Oh my you should have heard him cry. It sounded like a loud dove cooing. LJ couldn't even concentrate on seeing the female goats because Pete was in such a dither. Doesn't he just look pathetic? That's Pete giving his best pout right there.

These are the horses. The one on the left is a filly who's about a year old. The horse on the right is a mustang, stallion they got for free. No one has ever been able to get a halter on this horse, he really doesn't let you get near him except to take some grain out of your hand and split. The fun thing is that since we've been here they've really begun to work with him and as of today, Hank was able to pet his neck for the first time. Huge step forward for the horse. I'll have to keep you posted on his progress.

Well I'm off to hit the hay. Hope you all have a wonderful night, sleep tight!

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