Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lynnwood & Seattle, Washington

A couple waiting to get married in Seattle today.

We're staying with my best friend from high school for a few days. She lives in Lynnwood, which is just a little over 10 miles outside of Seattle. It's so great to see her again and hang out.

Jill and her family piled into their car and we piled into ours and hit the town running today. We walked all over Seattle and had a lot of fun.

The first place they took us was to a bridge in Fremont that had a troll under it. It was huge! The VW Bug in his hand is life sized, and his eye is a hubcap. I keep wondering if there were any billy goats up on that bridge, lol. The kids climbed up all around that cement troll, we all took lots of pictures and were off to the next spot.

We walked an old historic neighborhood, and went to the Pacific Science Center near the Space Needle. The kids LOVED the science center, it was completely setup for them. A butterfly room, water features, fun and interactive things for them to play with, it was worth the visit.

I have to add in that Jill's family is just amazing. The thing I keep noticing is how much her girls enjoy each other. When they go somewhere in the car one of them sits in the middle so they can giggle and tell secrets, they love hanging out together drawing and doing other fun things, and the older one didn't mind one bit giving up her room for us to stay in and bunk in with her little sister.

I am taking notes. This is exactly what I want for my boys, to have a best friend in each other.

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