Saturday, August 14, 2010

La Conner, Washington

Today was my last day with Stein & Lisa before going down to visit my best friend from high school. We decided a car show in La Conner would be a really fun way to get out and enjoy the weather and spend some time together before I left, and Lisa was even able to get off work and go with us.

We had a blast but it was just too hot for poor Pete. And I have to say I feel very inexperienced at life in 90 degree weather. When is too hot for the kids? When is it too sunny for the kids? I got my answer for my dog today. After dumping a few gallons of cold sea water on him, he finally was able to breath properly again and cool down. It would have taken way too long for him to cool down in the car, even with the AC on full blast, so it's just a blessing that car show was next to a harbor.

We Alaskans are just not use to this heat!!

So back to the car show. While we were walking around big J says to me, "Mommy LOOK!" I look around but have no idea what he's talking about, so I asked what he was looking at. He said very slowly and with cautious aww, "That boy in time out mommy." And pointed over to a particular car....

I laughed so hard. Our big J finds himself out in time out quite a bit, he was in such aww and entertainment that someone else beside him got put in time out he didn't even realize the little boy he was pointing out was only a stuffed doll!!! I'm still not sure he understood it wasn't a real boy - but that just made it funnier.

So, here's to other kids getting in trouble. Cheers.

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