Monday, August 09, 2010

Ashcroft, BC

After leaving Prince George we drove on to a town called "100 Mile House" in British Columbia. Weird name for a town, but what a blessing that little town was! We stayed at the Imperial Motel, which had a full kitchen and a really nice room. This was the part of our journey where the strep throat was at it's worse for little J. He couldn't keep any food or water down and his temperature really spiked for a few hours. A really nice couple managed the hotel and we were so happy they were there. She loaned us a thermometer, offered to come over and bring a fresh blanket in the middle of the night and then saved a bucket for us the next morning in case little J had any more cookies to toss. Even though I only spent a few minutes with her, she was just so ready to help any way she could. Of all the places we've stayed in, I will remember that place very fondly because of her kindness and the fabulous room we stayed in.

After we left 100 Mile House, we headed out for Vancouver, BC. That was a long drive, it took us about 7 hours. But it was one of the most stunning stretches we had been through since leaving the Mat-su Valley in Alaska. Unfortunately it rained almost the whole way, so I didn't get any pictures of the really breath taking views. This is a place I'd like to come back and spend sometime in next time we travel back up to Alaska.

It did stop raining long enough to stop and check out Ashcroft Manor though. It's a beautiful old roadhouse, with a little gift shop inside. I was wishing I could go upstairs and see through the rest of that old place.

There was a lot to see, they had a teahouse in the back which was decorated to period and had a full menu to order from. Another building had a museum, and then the barns in the back as well. We really only saw the teahouse and gift shop, but got a few shots here and there to remember it.

Then just a tiny bit down the road there were these neat little old abandon houses all lined up in a row. I really wanted to go inside and explore - too bad for the no trespassing signs.

Day 9

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