Monday, August 23, 2010

Pasco, Washington

I've been in the Richland area the past few days staying with a friend in Pasco, Washington. It's very strange down here, it's almost like a desert.... In Washington. --???--


I keep wondering when I might see a tumbleweed roll by, and my friend Dana assures me if I'd like to take a short drive with her, we could go see some, lol. She has a beautiful green, lush lawn, as do all the houses and businesses around here but other than that it's all dry and dead on the hillsides. Definitely not how I pictured any part of Washington.

The weather has been good and the boys (dog included) have all really enjoyed playing in the sun, sand, and water in Dana's back yard. It's really been a retreat from hotels and life on the road with out a home.

I have really loved being here for much different reasons. Dana has a beautiful girl who, like my son BJ, also has reactive attachment disorder.

When she heard we were coming she called another friend of hers who also parents a child with RAD so we could all meet up and visit. It is so amazing coming from a world where so many questioned why I parent the way I parent, to this weekend... A glimpse into two other families lives who parent almost identically to the way I parent. Who's kids although YEARS apart in ages, say things, do things and react on the same basic level as my BJ does. Both are families, who have also done the research, who have the council of a regular therapist, and are not crazy in the way they parent!

I have never spent time living with another family who deals with RAD, and I have never spent time around another child with RAD. Since we've moved in for the weekend I have heard her mother say many of the things I say, and do many of the things I do (things that are recommended and necessary!) - And much of it is the stuff that other adults who don't have experience with RAD have really had a hard time understanding about our family. It's just so good to See and know that other parents who are loving, kind, educated and doing the best for their children with RAD are doing what we do. It's good to not be alone.

I am telling you I would LOVE to pack Dana and her daughter up and take them with me, they are so wonderful. But there is a down side of having 2 with RAD under the same roof, so I guess I'll have to settle for visits here and there when we can.

I'd love to tell you more but I'm getting super tired. Tomorrow I leave for Clarkston, Washington where we'll stay until Marty flies in to meet us. I cannot wait to see him.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you made it, safely and that strep throat is behind you. I'm excited about your new adventure!
Love, Hugs and kissessssssssss to all!

MrsM said...

Thanks Jeanette! It's great to hear from you, have you thought about meeting us in AZ this winter? It'd be great to see you too!

Anonymous said...

Great post K! - Can you believe I fianlly got a few moments to read it! =-) Dana

MrsM said...

Dana, you have such a busy schedule - I feel so blessed to have gotten the time with you that we did. Can't wait till our next visit!