Friday, July 08, 2005

Thursday Night Entertainment on the Farm

I went out to the chicken coop last night to get the eggs and saw a ton of shrews out there. They weren't even trying to hide from me. The chickens eat a small portion of their food and the shrews are eating everything else. There are now cities of shrews that live around/in the chicken coop. I'm thinking I don't have a cat for no reason, just what is he doing in all that spare time of his?? I went and brought him in, once he saw all the little critters he was all over it - it was entertaining. I was just in there for a few minutes watching the cat and Bossco was just crying the whole time, so I let him in and made him sit. He really wanted to help kitty but he's to big and slow. I couldn't believe it but he sat in the same place for about a half hour, only thing that moved was his head. If only you could have seen it.

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Klondike Kate said...

I'm sure it was highly entertaining!