Saturday, January 21, 2006


So I found some pretty odd housing all by accident yesterday. I may post the others later.

One of those "houses" is called a "futuro". I guess there were 100 of them made back in the 60's. Just the look of them makes me want to spend a weekend getaway in one with Marty. Anyway the pictures were so neat I just had to share.

it closes up and locks to look like a real pod. Haha

This is the living room, I think they were originally suppose to look like this though...

The hole reason this got started was to build an after skiing cabin that was easy to put together and kept heat well. The seats you see convert into single beds and I think the futuro's were originally suppose to be able sleep around 8 people. 2 in the double bed and the rest in the living room.

There was also suppose to be a fireplace/grill in the middle of the living room.

Living room/ Dinning room

Kitchenette with oven. But check out the TV, that thing looks like an alien itself!

The center is the door in and out, the left is the bedroom and the right is the bathroom.

Tight space in the pody room, but it comes with a view! Just what I've always wanted in a bathroom.

Master Suite.

Looking out the master suite.

Isn't it neat?? Most of these photo's came from this site. He owns his own futuro and has the best photo's I could find. He has a ton of other info and links if your interested.


And now, I must DRAG myself to the gym. I wish I was one of those odd people who live for a workout. Maybe then it would be fun. Gotta keep trying though, maybe one day I'll get there.


JD Plumma said...

...I want one!

Klondike Kate said...


They would make an interesting bed and breakfast business...

Anonymous said...

I think living in one of these would make me a little spacy.
or maybe I would feel like alienating myself.

Heidi said...

oops see it is already working its powers....that my comment up there.

futuro said...

A little better website is ;) check it out :)

K said...

Thanks for the link, it has a ton of great stuff. The Venturo houses really have me intrigued now too.