Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Night at Burlwood

Tonight is the last night the boys and I will spend in our little house on Burlwood. Tomorrow at 2pm I sign closing papers and turn the keys over to the title company. What a weird thought. After living here for 7 years there is a part of my brain that is just certain this is all a joke, and we can't be really leaving lol. But, I am so excited and ready to hit the road. Although I can't make it happen any faster, I just can't wait to get into our 5th wheel where we will have beds, and a place to call home again. Even if the view does constantly change.

This little house was our first house, and although it was small, the 4.38 acres more than made up for 1100 sq ft of living space. When we moved in Marty cleared a huge back yard and once that was finished we were set. I will really miss the yard and land here, the house was great too but the yard was where our hearts were. One day I'll have to come back and drive by to see how big my lilacs, crabapple, elderberry, mayday, mountain ash and weeping birch trees have grown. I hope they survive the moose!

And tonight as my youngest was finishing his dinner our resident squirrel showed up to join him. The kids love that squirrel and all the little birds that come to the feeder on the front porch. It was perfect timing for them to see our squirrel one last time!

Off to bed I go to be ready for all the last cleaning I'll have to do in the morning!

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