Sunday, December 05, 2010

Florida to Alaska

Wowza, I am back in Alaska. And what a whirlwind trip it's been.

My mom has had some troubles going up and down the stairs, and at her young age she should be able to go up and down without any troubles. After a trip to our amazing family Dr. they found she was having heart troubles. At first I think we all just figured it was something small. Well, maybe not small but something like a stent; - we weren't sure. Our family Dr. sent her to the city to see a specialist and on Wednesday he went in and did some exploring and found things were much worse.

Marty and I were moving the RV from Haines City (Orlando area) up to a small town somewhere between Panama City and Tallahassee when we got a call from my step dad. They had found that the main valve into her heart was 90% blocked and decided she wasn't going anywhere. At first they scheduled a double bypass surgery for Friday but then decided it was too serious to wait and got her in for the surgery the next day, Thursday afternoon.


We had hours to go before we would arrive in Tallahassee, and I just couldn't think. So Marty and I switched places, I got more practice driving the 5th wheel and praying, and he started searching out cheap LAST MINUTE plane tickets. Does such a thing exist? Ummm not that we can tell, lol!

I was on a flight the next day back to Alaska, thankfully my brother was able to fly in from Seattle and be there for her too. So my step-dad, my brother, and I are taking turns sitting with mom, helping her where we can. We're all really wishing we could do more, take some of her pain away, WILL her back to good health. To bad it doesn't work that way huh? It IS good to spend time with my family again though.

She's out of surgery now, out of ICU after 3 days and down on the main floor in the hospital recovering. Poor mom, she is really going through a lot right now. She hasn't been able to keep food down, is constantly drugged, can hardly walk, and just generally feeling like she got run over by a Mac truck. But after 3 days, she looks good and is really improving.

Tomorrow night I have to get back on a plane and fly back to Florida where Marty and the kids are. I get in on Tuesday night and Marty has to fly out and back to work in Alaska on Wednesday. I'm really thankful I'll get to spend one evening with him before he goes back to work for 2 weeks.

Wooosh! That is the pace at which life is moving right now. Well, unless you ask mom - I think it's standing still for her as she sleeps her days away.

So where is the 5th wheel parked you might be wondering?? Marty sent me pictures to show me just what I'm missing.

Would you like to see what it looks like here in Alaska??

This is looking out from the Hospital onto the main parking-lot. It's beautifully cold here. And I wouldn't miss this time with mom for anything in the world. It's so good to be there for her as she has been there for me through the years. I love that woman.

This morning I got to go to the services with our home church - Valley Church of Christ in Wasilla. It was SO GOOD to see all of our family there. Although I don't miss the weather, I DO miss the people here. They all were so welcoming, and I got loads of hugs to take back to Florida. They are an amazing bunch that really brought Marty and I in years ago and taught us sooo much. If only we could take the people we love with us on this adventure of ours.

These two photo's were taken on the way out to Wasilla this morning while on my way to the churches service.

Will post more later!

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