Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More "Hanging" Around the House

Ok I decided to do one more post about the stuff hanging around the house, lol. The last RV we lived in never had anything hanging on the walls. Marty was pretty particular about not putting holes in the walls - and I never argued one bit. After all, it's not like sheet rock, you can't just get some putty or paint over the holes. Well I guess you could, but you get my point.

Anyway with this RV I just really wanted to do it differently, make it more a home instead of just factory decor. But we still don't want to put a bunch of holes in the walls. I don't always stick to my decor decisions, lol.

Anyway we found these!
Wall Hangers
These are sticky strips you can use for just about anything. They come in velcro/sticky strips too. You can stick your things to the wall, or stick a hook to the wall. They hold I think up to 10lbs. The best part about them is when your done and want to take it off the wall, you pull a tab attached to the sticky part, and it releases the stick without ruining your walls. We love them!

So far we've used them to hang our spice rack...

This is just a metal TV tray with magnetic spice tins (found at Bed Bath & Beyond). It's a great way to save space in my cabinets. I painted the tin purple but I'd still like to add a bit more to it, as it is a bit plain. I think it weighs 2-3 lbs? I got this idea from Sara of the "Happy Janssens". Her spice rack is really neat looking and is pictured here and here.

We've also used these command strips to add hooks in different places for hanging keys, Christmas lights, I even plan on adding a few in the closet for my purses. You can get hooks in all sizes and color so the Christmas lights were not hung with the huge hook above but something smaller that blends in pretty good. It says they don't work on wall paper, but I'm pretty sure that's paper on our walls, and they stick to it great!

We hung the spice rack and these frames below with the velcro style.

Photo Frame Whiteboard
This is my shopping list, which hangs on the fridge.

Photo Frame Whiteboard
This is the frame where we share a favorite scripture.

Both of these frames are real photo frames, with real glass in them. We use them like a whiteboard and write on top of the glass. They probably weight a pound or so and haven't budged in all our travels. Someone with a very crafty knack pointed me to this website for the idea and I fell in love with it. You should see the original posted on her website, it looks much cuter than my frames.

I'd like to find better scrapbook paper to put behind the glass but this is all I could find for now. Expo markers work great for writing stuff and being able to wipe it off with my finger - the grocery list is written with expo. Chalk paint markers work great on titles for really standing out, and it won't wipe off with the flick of your finger - it still comes off very easily but you need a wet towel to wipe it off, or your fingernail to scrape it off. I am using chalk paint for the scripture frame and the title "Shopping List" as I don't want those to come right off if brushed up against.

The velcro backing is great for the frames, so when I find better scrapbook paper that grabs my eye I can just pull the frame off the wall, replace the paper, and stick it back up using the velcro that's already on both the frame and wall.

I am not much for being a talented housewife and stay at home mom, but I can sure hold onto other peoples good ideas and use them all I can!


Lydia Nattrass said...

I love the Idea of the medal tin's
Michaels sells the tins, add the magnet's and craft it yourself for a little over 2 dollar's if your looking to save a little more. With the use of a 40 percent coupon for each tin. The magnet's ar 24 piece round .

Ashli said...

I tried mounting a metal tray with spices on it with the command strips twice. Both times, it fell within a couple hours! I am scared to screw it to the wall (because they are so thin). Any ideas? Thanks!

MrsM said...

Hi Ashli!

Did you clean/scrub both surfaces and dry before putting the command strips on? Also, what kind of wall surface do you have?

Our command strips have held our full spice tray to the wall for well over a year without issue, I can even pull the tin down and put it back up if I use the velcro strips. Our RV has standard wallpaper.

We also use command strips to hold a shower caddy up on the plastic shower wall, and I keep heavy shampoo bottles in that without issue. It's held for 3 years now.

Then, I have my towel hooks hanging on my painted walls in our house, they've held for 3 years now as well.

We have found one surface command strips won't hold... I tried to stick some mini speakers to our wall and the strips wouldn't stick to the speakers plastic casing. I think if we rough them up with sandpaper it'll probably work, but I haven't made it that far yet. But, those speakers are the first surface I've run into that hasn't held.

MrsM said...

One more thought... Command strips come in different sizes, for our tin spice tray I use the largest strips. I think there a half inch by 3 inches? Or maybe half by 2 inches? The size I'm thinking of is about the size of an adult finger.

Unknown said...

Thanks for great idea said...

Hi, I am writing a blog post about different ideas for storing spices in RV's. Do you mind if I include a photo of your spices with a link to this blog post?

MrsM said...

I don't mind at all Ashley. Thanks for asking. said...

Thank you!