Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Affordable Park for Disney

In planning our trip to Disney World we discovered the RV parks closest to Disney are pretty spendy. Thankfully we were able to find an affordable park about 30 minutes away.

This is Central Park, of Haines City, Florida.

This park was so much different than any of the others we've stayed at so far, because many of the residents live here either full time, or seasonal. Either way, most of these folks have put down some kind of roots.

The park is about half full of travel trailers that have had additions built on. So many of the homes here are no longer able to travel, but still have to stay pleasing to the eye. The other half of the lots scattered through out are used by people like us - here for a day, a week, or a month.

There was such a strong sense of community here, people know their neighbors like you would in a regular neighborhood, only they have taken it further by getting together several times a week to play shuffle board, going for a walk, doing the laundry together, and/or competing for who has the snappiest golf cart.

And I'm talking some beefy golf carts here...

Have you ever seen a golf cart with knobby tires and a lift kit?? Although it was very odd to see, that side of me who loves a big lifted truck with knobby tires was totally amused.

Golf carts were used more in this park than vehicles - but there is NO golf course anywhere near. It's just a preferred mode of transportation to go visit your neighbor, go for a game of shuffle board, visiting the pool, or to go check the mail box. Super amusing, I'm tellin ya.

Most of the golf carts were normal carts, but I was just fascinated with these monster carts (for lack of better name).

The pool was heated. Even though it was stifling hot outside, it's still nice to have a heated pool. The steps were big and just perfect for little LJ as he doesn't like to venture out into water he can't stand up in. He was just happy as a clam to play with his cars on those steps.

They also had these Sandhill Cranes always hanging out (their huge!), and Egrets, which I didn't get a picture of.

Our most favorite part of the park, was not actually apart of the park at all...

There is a cow farm next to the park and we just loved visiting the cows.

The boys are still missing those cows a week later, lol.


Dana said...

yeah, the whole golf cart thing really cracked me up too! Lots of the folks get 'chips' for their carts so they can go faster - it's really funny how they have become the rv-park big-boy toys! LOL!

MrsM said...

Dana I had no idea about the chips - that's even funnier than lift kits and knobby tires, LOL!