Sunday, December 26, 2010

Carrabelle, Florida

After around 3 weeks here in Carrabelle, Florida we're finally getting ready to pull out today.

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort
We've been staying at Carrabelle Beach RV Resort.

I'm tellin ya, this RV park is one of the best parks we've stayed at. The town is very small and not much to it, but the RV park is right on the beach,
Carrabelle Beach RV Resort
all paved,

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort
has a pool, laundry, dog run,

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort
it's own playground - and with it being winter we nearly had the place to ourselves.

I'd really like to come back to this place in the summer when we can go swimming. It's been a bit cold around here, and even got down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit one night. Brrrr.

Carrabelle, Florida
Carrabelle is a neat little town on the water too. I wish I had the chance to explore it more but I guess that will leave something to do on our next visit, lol.
Carrabelle, Florida

It's been odd too because most of the houses along the beach are on stilts.

Very weird to see, but just right for storms and rising waters.

Many of the buildings are empty. I asked a local about it and he said during the peak housing boom people were buying, building and selling like crazy. He said houses were selling for more than double what they were worth now. Unfortunately it all came to a bitter end when the economy took a dive. He mentioned many houses and new developments around town that were brand new and completely empty - empty and for sale for ages now.

This is one of the places he mentioned.

It has it's own dock that went on forever.

The whole complex is pretty big, brand new, very nice looking, and completely deserted. Kinda sad and eerie all at once.

I have more beach pictures to share from Christmas, I'll try and post them ASAP.

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