Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hanging Around the House...

Christmas Decor
Christmas is coming! Are you all decorated and ready to go?

Christmas Decor
Before Marty left he and I decorated the RV with Christmas lights and set up our little tree. I love the warm soft glow they give off, they definitely help add to the magic of the season.

Christmas Decor
It's funny because at first we thought we would just go around the perimeter of the ceiling with the lights, but it ended up being WAY to much. Seriously, it was a bit like the Vegas strip - sensory overload, lol! I didn't get a photo of it, but we did some rearranging and are really loving this set up.

This week we've been hanging around the RV. Kinda stuck actually. BJ came down with the stomach flu, or something close to it anyway. For the entire week he's had a hard time keeping anything down. Chicken, broth and bread was about all his little tummy was willing to keep. Feeding him on the hour, sleeping, and spending time laying down is really all he's done. He's finally feeling better but still sluggish - and still my poor little thing.

Can I just say in this moment how grateful I am for my little RV washer/dryer unit? Yes I know it takes a million hours longer to do one load, and very much likes to wrinkle everything if I'm not careful, but I don't care - I love it! I was able to clean up everything that got thrown up on right away, and I thank the GOOD LORD for that!

LJ, Pete and I have still been finding entertainment though.

We took Pete into the dog pen next to our RV the other day and after a few minutes of chasing the ball with LJ, Pete started limping. Right away I saw something huge hanging off the back of his foot. Totally freaked me out, because at first (from a distance) it looked like a huge spider was hanging off of him. But on closer inspection it turned out out be a little baby cactus part. Which is odd, because I haven't actually seen a cactus here in the park. Anyway it was really odd because when I tried to pull it out of his foot, it didn't want to come out. I had no idea but apparently those kind of cactus needles work like porcupine quills and hook into the skin. Poor Pete was just glad to get it out of his foot. But it took a strong grip and some yanking to get it out of him.

Look at those quills!

We've also ran across 2 very interesting bugs in the last 2 days. We do not have bugs like this back home - it's still crazy to see bugs this size.

Leaf Footed Bug
This first one is a Leaffooted Bug. Apparently this one likes munching on fruits, veggies, nuts and ornamentals. He was slow and steady, not a flier. Perfect for us as we don't like quick bugs that can run or fly at you, lol.

Palmetto Weevil
Then yesterday I saw that maintenance had cut down a palm tree and had it sitting next to the dumpster. Just next to it was this big huge black and red bug. She's called a Palmetto Weevil. Someone mentioned a while back something about a weevil - they said "just wait until you see one of those." I had no idea! haha. She really makes ya look twice at her doesn't she? She even comes with a snout - very weird!

Palmetto Weevil
I guess she's a palm tree pest and can do a lot of damage to a palm. Guess that would be why they cut down the palm tree - I read that the only economical way to get rid of these bugs is to cut down the tree and burn it. She's another that was big but slow and not able to fly - we didn't mind really checking her out either.

Lunar Eclipse
Then as everyone knows we had a lunar eclipse 2 days ago. Very neat to see, but I was thinking I would skip this one as it wasn't suppose to happen here in Florida until like 2:30 am. So I figured I'd watch one more show before bed at about 11:30 and ended up falling asleep on the couch - which I NEVER do, lol. I usually would never be able to sleep with the TV on either but I guess I was just really tired. Anyway I woke up and it was exactly 2:34 am, lol! TV going and super out of it, I found my camera took 4 shots of the eclipse and went to bed. Gods timing huh???

Lunar Eclipse

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Love the lights, very holidayish, but not the bugs. Miss you! Jeanette