Saturday, December 11, 2010

2 for 1 Trip

As I mentioned in my last post I was suppose to fly out of Alaska on Monday night.

But plans got very rearranged...

Monday afternoon I was visiting with mom in her hospital room. Thinking I only had a few short hours left before flying back to Florida. My step dad was there, my brother, and my childhood best friend had just stopped in. All were merry except my step dad. I noticed, more than once that day he seemed to be short and in a bad mood. He didn't really say anything, but I know that look. From past experience with not only him, but my dad, Marty's dad, you know - pretty much ALL dads; it is wise to steer clear and give them a wide girth when they start to give the stink eye. I was thinking it might be he was getting tired of all this time stuck at the hospital. He and my brother were going a little stir crazy, and lets face it, those visitor chairs are really uncomfortable. My back had been killing me from just about living in them for 4 days. I was sure they had to be feeling just about the same as I did.

Finally I asked my step dad if he was ok, the look on his face was getting pretty sharp. I thought he looked really irritated. But instead he put his hand up to his heart and said his chest hurt. He said it had been kinda feeling bad all day and that he had made and appointment earlier to see someone and it was almost time to walk down to their office for a check up. He said he didn't think it was any big deal thought, he just wanted to be sure.

My brother went with him and it wasn't long after they left the room my step dad asked for a wheelchair to make it the rest of the way.

Next thing I know my brother is back saying my step dad is being admitted into the hospital and about to undergo some pretty serious tests. The doctors were very concerned. I just kept thinking he had to be joking. Seriously, what are the odds?? 2 out of 3 parents now have their own rooms in this hospital for heart problems. My poor mother was just frozen in fear.

Ok, flight to Florida, CANCELED.

It turned out that after some testing they found he had an area in his heart that was 99% blocked. No wonder he looked so irritated.

He was taken in the middle of the night and had 2 more stents added to the 3 already in his heart. He was checked out and shopping for my moms Christmas present by 2pm the next day. It has been such a crazy strange week.

But I think the timing was God's - the doctor and nurses all said it was VERY good my step dad was IN the hospital and not back home 4 hours away from the city when all this happened.

Praise God for taking such good care of my parents. Neither one of them had a heart attack, none of us even knew there was a need to pray before God was making things happen. Answering unsaid prayers, isn't HE just amazing like that?

I flew in to Tallahassee on Thursday and Marty flew out today (Saturday) to go back to work. It's good to know everyone is safe and I'm glad to be back with my boys again.

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