Monday, November 29, 2010

Jack Rabbit Bed Cover

This is one of those post where I share one of the things that make life on the road so much easier, not to mention puts our mind at ease.

Meet the Jack Rabbit.

During our move down to the states I drove our loaded Suburban from Alaska to Idaho to pick up our new dually and trade in the burb. It was exciting and sad all at once, we loved that Suburban. The problem was we still had to drive from Idaho to Indiana to get our 5th wheel. All the stuff I had loaded in the burb had to switch to the back of the truck, which is a lot of miles for my valuables and personals to be unsecured and unprotected - from both the elements and anyone with a hankering for other peoples stuff.

We looked into toneau covers but just didn't like them, they were either bulky and awkward or flimsy and not much better than a tarp - and what would we do with it when we hooked up the 5th wheel?

Marty finally found an awesome solution, neither of us had ever heard of before. A roll-top bedcover! How perfect is that?

  • It rolls open and close like a roll-top desk, only it's made out of metal and has some type of rubber/plastic/rhino coating and matches the truck perfect.
  • It comes with a lock to keep it secure as does our tailgate. I don't have to worry about anyone or anything getting into my stuff.
  • It's waterproof and keeps water completely out of the bed.
  • It has 5 locking positions, so if we're hauling our 5th wheel we can cover the front of the bed and leave the back half open
  • It's amazing.

This is all of the stuff I hauled from Alaska.

What a mess huh?

We also had somethings shipped, but this is all of the stuff I needed for the 2 months we were on the road without our 5th wheel. Packing it all in was a tricky, tricky process, lol.

And by the way, I am NOT this messy in real life, lol.

The pictures below shows each of the stopping/locking positions along the tracks...

Position 1.

Position 2. This is the nylon strap used to close it, it slides really easy and doesn't take any effort at all.

Position 3.

Position 4.

Position 5.

Now looky there, doesn't that look all neat and tidy? If I hadn't shown you, you'd never know what a mess we have hidden under there would you??

Again, we don't have that mess back there any longer, but with storage being a hot commodity around these parts we do keep the stroller and a few other things back there. It's also great for when we're out shopping with a full cab.

If we weren't a family on the road we probably would have skipped it, but this is one of those things that makes life less complicated and more worry free.


Kim said...

That is so cool!

(praying for your Mom this morning . . . )

MrsM said...

Thanks Kim, we've been praying too. I'm getting inpatient to hear what's happening with her.

marty said...

what does something like this cover cost?

MrsM said...

They aren't cheap, lol. But the price depends on your vehicle. There are other companies that make these as well. Some that have more features and cost more like the truxedo and others that are less.

This is the link to price one like ours out: