Thursday, November 04, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I finally got pictures of the RV after we got it back from the Gulfstream factory. If any of you are curious as to what our RV looks like (before we moved in), here's photos of the RV.


Dana said...

Loved the tour!!! They have made some nice improvements on them since ours (2008) - like a real door on the bedroom, w/d hookup, moving the gene board up, and especially the lights above the loveseat!

Sweet RV - hope we can park together some time this winter - would be a riot! LOL!
:) dana

MrsM said...

Thanks Dana!

The bedroom door wasn't something they were doing but I called and asked if they could do one for ours and they said yes at no extra cost. When we picked it up they said it was so easy they will now be putting those doors into all their Enduramax's, lol! Wonder if you called gulfstream and asked for an install or instructions on how to do it if they'd do it? We can give you some names and numbers of people to call if you feel like looking into it.

I wish they had a place for a stackable as I haven't heard wonderful things about the all in one, but I am glad to have something. We didn't have a w/d in our last 5th wheel at all which got old. I get tired of my clothes getting wrecked in public laundries.

I think we HAVE to park together sometime in the future, it would just be a travesty if we didn't haha. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

PS, what's a gene board?

Dana said...

Hi K!
A gene board is just the generator panel above the kitchen counter...
We are freezing here (literally), and I can't wait to get down south - hopefully we will be able to make the FOTR rally... either way, we have to keep in touch so that we don't pass each other by - wouldn't that be awful!?!

Loved your post on the boys this morning - you are right - it doesn't get any better than that! I love the cute little things the girls say, and how they say them, and always chew out the older kids if they 'help' them 'fix' their speech!LOL!
Take care!