Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mesker Park Zoo

We're currently on the road, so I have a lot of time to catch up on all the blogging I've been meaning to do. And as I was finished typing that last sentence we had someone flag us over to let us know we had our first flat tire. Lol. Poor Marty, that husband I love so very much is currently working at changing the tire over to our spare on the side of I-75.

Good times.

Anyway while we were in Indiana we went to "Mesker Park Zoo" twice. The first time my cousin and his little boy Jackson took us, the second time we went to Jackson's birthday party which was held at the zoo.

We had a great time, and I guess when you have your birthday party there the zoo staff allows the kids to feed the giraffes. It was amazing getting to fee them!

Their tongues are super, super long and very rough - worse than a cats tongue. And even funnier, we discovered when you have a carrot for them, they get a little drooly, lol. I never pictured a giraffe drooly. Other than that they are huge enormous and very graceful animals. They didn't mind the kids loud excited laughs and screams one bit and were very gentle with everyone.

They were just happy to eat.

This is "Carl" an Abyssinian Ground Hornbill. The first time my cousin took us to the zoo he kept telling us about this bird that was so neat. This is another one of these animals we've met along our journey that has so much character we were ready to take this one home too. Carl has several toys in his cage, which is unlike the other birds in the zoo. My cousin discovered long before we ever got into Indiana that the bird likes company and if you take a seed, or a nut and throw it straight up in the air, he likes to catch it. And he likes that game so much he will catch one, after another, after another - like a little puppy! Carl also loves it when you give him a little stick so he can twiddle it in his beak and show off. He has turned out to be the favorite animal at the zoo for both my family and my cousins. Which is strange when you see what he looks like, lol.

This is the zoo's little excerpt about him, which when you read, makes sense on why he's so social...

The Abyssinian Ground Hornbill is a bird that feeds on other small animals. They travel in family groups, trailing behind fires that sweep across the savanna of Africa that the hornbills call home. Interesting Fact: Hornbills hunt together in a group, which is rare among birds.

These are some other photo's of our zoo trip...

P.S. Marty was finished with his tire change long before I was finished writing this post! He is a husband like none other, and I am so blessed. We are off to a tire shop to have the flat repaired.

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