Thursday, November 04, 2010

Nappanee, Indiana

I put this post off hoping to get a few more pictures on the way out of town, but the navigator took us a different way than we came - so I can't show you some of the old amazing houses we saw on the way into town.


I can show you some pictures I got of all the Amish buggies running around town.

Nappanee must have a very large Amish community because we saw a buggy at all hours a day at least every 5 to 10 minutes, which was so weird because I have never seen them in person.

It's funny because when you go to the local grocery store there is a huge lane for all the horse and buggies to pull up and park.

And the horses seem very inquisitive and smart - they all were very aware of their surroundings. They picked up on me taking their picture from a long distance away (using zoom) with ears perked. They don't flinch when a big truck goes by and just seem generally happy. Having spent a lot of time around horses there always seems to be one or two in the herd that have their ears back and are annoyed with life, but not these horses. Everyone we saw had their ears perked and seemed to be happily taking in their surroundings as they hauled their buggies all over town.

And now I have this crazy thought. Don't you think it would be fun to spend a week with an Amish family? I would love to spend some time learning about their faith, how they live, how they do things in the kitchen, with a sewing machine, and even spending time with horses would be a blast in itself. Driving a buggy sounds super fun too, don't you think??


Anonymous said...

yes, i think it would be a blast! i'd want to wear Amish clothes and let them give me an Amish name, too, lol.


MrsM said...

Wonder what they would do if we showed up at their doorstep with money begging them to take us in for the week?

One of the people who worked at the factory said his kids go to an amish family for daycare - he said it was the best daycare one could ask for.