Monday, November 01, 2010

Gulfstream Factory Tour

Driver's Side...

Passenger side.

Today while picking up the 5th wheel from Gulfstream we decided to get the tour as well. I've been wanting to get a tour for months and today we finally had some time to get one in. It was really worth it and I would recommend anyone who owns an RV to go to the makers of your coach and get a tour there.

These 4 photo's are all of the same unit:

This is the same model as above (39') but a different color scheme on the exterior.

We were able to see how their RV's are made, what materials they use, what the guts of our home looks like and they were even able to tell us all the little places we can't see that have hidden dead space. I found out today I (errr, Marty) could turn our two steps into storage bins if we wanted, that the dead area between the cabinets in the garage actually has wires in it, other dead area's that have air ducts or water heaters or whatever in them. We learned how to move our central vac system currently located under our big couch if we ever wanted to replace the couch, and also how to wire in more speakers if we wanted. It was really nice! We've always been very leery of even putting a picture on the wall because we just don't have experience messing with an RV like we do with a house - I think we both feel a ton more comfortable making add-ons like things that will make this place function better for a full time RV family.

The Elkhart/Nappanee area of Indiana is considered the RV capitol of the U.S. If your ever in the area stop in and see your manufacter's plant and get a tour. They even have a really neat museum in Elkhart that has RV's all they way back to the 40's - another really neat tour.

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Dana said...

Hey MrsM!
Thanks for the tour - I loved seeing the inside of my home too! LOL!

I couldn't believe that we had overlooked the dead space under the 2 steps either - last week Vaughn ran our new central vac through there(canister in the basement) , and I keep all the attachments under the bottom step! Haven't decided what to do with the bigger one...
Such fun! Bet your glad to have your home back ;)