Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yard Work

We planned to get together with our old roomie Shane today and BBQ, we haven't seen him in a forever. So today he shows up with Sean, a few hours early. I was gone at the time but Marty was home. By the time I get home Shane has the only rake we have, going to town on what I haven't finished in the yard. Sean is insisting he have a rake too.


I told Shane to put the rake down but he stuck to his guns. Actually I couldn't blame them, I was planning on coming home and doing the same thing because the weather was so nice. Marty started at 11 this morning. So I guess in nice spring weather we all had work-in-the-yard fever. So the boys went down and picked up steaks and rakes and by the time Blake got home from school 3 of us we're raking and Marty was the pick up man wheelin the wheelbarrow between the three of us.

My yard is done now.

Man I have missed those two tons and tons but at this rate I'm ready to keep them. haha

Back when we lived in Homer the house Shane, Clint, Marty, and I all rented together had a large field for the front yard. It had been that way for years. Soon as the snow melted we hit that yard and by the end of that month it looked like pro's had done the work. Friends came over and joined in, it was like living in bizzaro world... Guys we went to high school with, guys I would have never imagined choosing to do yard work - out there diving in to help. Sean was part of that yard crew too. Good workers they all are. Johnathan the owner of the house liked it so much he had the yard expanded and put in a pond to go with. Of course the expansion and pond came just before we all moved out of that house, but it still looks awesome to this day. So anyway, today brought back some fond memories.

I wanna throw a big ol BBQ sometime this summer but I need to go get a croquet set and a badmitten set. Then we'll be set.

Need a yard crew?

Cook some ribeye's, they will come.

This isn't even a quarter of the area they did. Man I love these guys, they really know how to treat a gal.

Waitin for fooooood.

Blake and his favorite climbing tree. Supervising all the yard work.

I'm totally ok with climbing trees, it was one of my favorite past-times as a kid. But can I just say, it is sooo different when your the adult standing on the ground? A nine year old climbing a 2 to 2 1/2 story tree with no fall protection makes one nervous, especially when he doesn't belong to me. I had to call his mom and make sure she was ok with it, she gave me the pep talk I needed to calm my nerves. Ha ha


I don't know how Marty's mom did it. With 4 of them I would be tempted to lock them all in a padded room. Especially hearing all the stunts they pulled, and injuries they got. I better not list any but that would be a great blog post if someone else wants to take it. haha

Anyway have a good night folks.


Misty said...

LOL..that's my son!! Although I'd probably be a little nervous standing there on the ground watching too!

Heidi said...

I have issued a "NO climb zone" in my yard, this year. The girls are getting to big to climb my trees and they are killing them...
Lucky you getting free labor... I offered to pay and NO ONE help JD and I with the yard.

Shana said...

looks like fun was had by all....tell Shane Eric would love to hear from him. We have lost touch with him along the lines...Eric was just talking about him the other day.

FishTaxi said...

Boys and girls are little monkeys. Thats all there is to it.

Good crew!

JD Plumma said...

I hung from the top of 80 foot spruce trees to touch the very tip of growth when I was 10 - and never broke my arm. (did fall out of a few, tho')

Misty said...

Blake has broke his arm before!! BUT...it was not out of any tree...or anything that was even high!! He fell off of my moms couch! LOL it was crazy! His arm was broke for over a week before we even knew anything was wrong!! So, I guess the trees are safe....Just keep him off of the furniture! lol

akscotts said...

how fun!! dont' you just love spring! i bet it is staying light for quite a long time now. have fun in your yard this summer:)