Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Weekend

Beautiful weekend. I can't believe how hot it was.

My brother and his *wife* came into town and took Blake for the weekend. It was truly a holiday weekend for them. They took him to the go-cart tract, hiking, hot-tubing, got him new shoes, new flip-flops, and although I just had them take him for a check up eye appointment they ended up getting him new frames and lenses. Blake is pretty jazzed about it too, the new pair of frames come with sunglasses that attach.

On Friday we all hung out, BBQ'd and played Croquet before splitting ways. On Saturday I went out to a graduation party in Beut. On the way there I passed this odd antique shop...

I didn't go in because it was closed but had to stop and take a picture of this old ferris wheel type ride. That part of me that loves junky roadside attractions was just tickled to stumble across such a neat find. One of these days I'm gonna go back when the store is open and take more pictures. The front yard was a whole other blog post in itself. ha

After the graduation party I took the dogs to Bradley-Keplar lake. First time I had heard of that lake. There's a great trail you can walk part way around the lake to a farther secluded sun spot. I can't really say beach because it was sorta mucky in the water. There were a ton of people around so me and the boys found a small little spot to throw sticks away from everyone else.

They had a ton of fun swimming. I wish I had gotten a picture of Pete swimming but I only had few chances of getting my camera out at that point. The water (and me) got pretty muddy once the boys started running back and forth. The log in the picture was just a little ways out. It was really shallow on this side of the log and a little deep on the other side, Pete wasn't so excited about that so he didn't go the distance as many times as Bossco did.

There's a few docks on that lake too so when we were all said and done I took the dogs out on one of them and talked them into jumping off - so I had clean puppies to take home. It was pretty funny.

Sunday dad came out and Ian and Shira came over and we all BBQ'd again. Getting dad out here is like pulling teeth so having him and everyone else over for a meal was really nice. Dad brought the burgers and accidently bought lamb instead of beef. haha Lamb burgers are interesting. Not bad but definitely different.

Ian and Shira brought Blake home on Monday after I got home from yet another BBQ. Since they're staying with her mom in Big Lake and with Ian leaving on Friday for school in Seattle, Blake isn't able to stay with them. It was weird Blake not being here for the weekend. I think it was a little taste of what I'm gonna have to get use to.. His last day of school is on the 12th and he flies back home to his mom on the 16th. So we have 17 more days to spend together. Marty and I are gonna miss him so much but we are so grateful to have had this time with him.

Anyway we just got home from the dentist, one more appointment and his teeth are finished... Or atleast until his next 6 month check-up. Time for homework (I hate math and am not the best teacher - God please help me through this lesson).

I am hoping to see pictures and hear of everyone else's weekend so to those of you with blogs.... Get to it!! ha

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Marty said...

Looks like a goog time at the lake and save some BBQ's for me. Ha Ha