Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Ok, for all you parents out there I thought I would share some valuable sites.

Any math problems for you or your kids, whatever subject (in math) is it... Try This site. Its a great tool for starting out or brushing up. It was a big help with Blake tonight.

How bout Geography?? There are 2 great sites that can help you and your kids learn the 50 states. I like this one best but this one is good too.

This site will test you on every continent. Those of you my age or older... your never gonna get Asia or Europe it seems you just can't pin a country down over there.

If any of you know any other great sites out there, feel free to leave them in the comments. Blake and I just might be able to use them.

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akscotts said...

what's up with taylor hicks? who is he and why do you have all of his videos on your blog:)
you are so good, kianna - finding all the resources to help you help blake!
i liked the blog about the "overindulgence" - i'd say i have to agree!
also i read jud's comment to marty - the kids and i aren't "happier" here - it's just easier on me having jud home each night - especially when i get so depressed - but we miss all of you guys sooooo much! and it's hard being away from all of our friends - but i am thankful to have jud home:)