Monday, May 01, 2006


I woke up night before last to my ring finger just throbbing, it was about 3 in the morning and I was so tired and out of it I just figured I was laying on it wrong. I bent my fingers a few times to get the circulation back into it and fell back to sleep.

Yesterday I get up and forgot all about it till after church. It was about that time I remembered how my finger was throbbing so bad the night before. I tugged on it and found it loose enough to spin but too tight to get off, I should have had it sized up last time I was able to get it off (it took far to long to get it off my finger then). So I ran my finger in cold water for a spell, got some soap and tried to get the ring off with that. Next I tried lotion, then I tried windex (an old wives tale I remembered which actually works very well, usually). At one point during all this my finger turned blue and I had to push it back into place and start over.

Nothing was working despite continuing to run my finger in cold water; after an hour of water and tugging, my finger had gotten unbelievably swollen and was hurting bad. I've never seen my finger that big.

At this point it felt like it was cutting into my skin everytime I messed with it and I could feel the restricting from the throbbing. I ended up going down to Zales to have them cut my ring off. He cut it and then had to pull the gap open just under a half an inch to get my finger out, and it was still so close to the skin I got a cut pulling the ring off. After it was off I found that sometime during all this I also got a blister under the ring.

Although it's still sore it feels so much better. I have to wait a few days now before I can have the ring sized up so swelling will go down.

I feel so stupid though, haha
Having to cut a ring off, just to get it off is pretty drastic.
Next time I swear I won't be so stupid.


FishTaxi said...

owwie! Mine is loose right now but sometimes its tight. Maybe water retention in my case.

Sorry you had to go through that!

Heidi said...

I hope your ring and finger are okay.

K said...

Ha, thanks ladies, it was really more of an annoyance than anything. My finger is almost normal size again and I'll be able to go and size up the ring. It is very odd not having my wedding ring on though.

Amber said...

Snikes! I'm glad your finger is recovering. I enjoyed our visit last night, I look forward to many more!

Love and great jewelers,

Marty said...

You’re just trying to get a new ring out of this, aren't you?
Ha Ha just kidding.

K said...

Wow Marty, I totally didn't think of that, what a great idea! ha


And Amber I had all sorts of fun talking the other night, we do need to do that more often.

Shana said...

ow...been there done dad had to cut one off my finger once...took me three days to approach him and tell his about the problem...and less than three hours for the pain to subside after the ring was off...feeling for about that new ring????

Klondike Kate said...

Eewh! I had to have my ring cut off at one point too. It felt very embarasing. Maybe if I had tried Windex.... =-)

akscotts said...

ow! i'm glad you finally got it off. good thing you just remembered it the next day:)